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What is Staffing Software?

Staffing is an integral part of the Human Resource management function. It is the process of searching for employable candidates, evaluating a massive load of resumes, interviewing numerous candidates and recruiting and onboarding the right candidate for the right job. It is a complex function. It involves a significant amount of transactions and data. It is also critical to the success of a company as the performance of the company depends on the quality of employees.

Staffing software automates the entire recruitment process of a company. It makes it easier for organizations to employ the right people. It offers features to

  • Post job requirements of companies
  • Scan through job requirements of companies
  • Collate candidate profiles
  • Interact with candidates, evaluate them and rank them
  • Complete the hiring process for candidates
  • Manage onboarding for employees
  • Deliver reports on the efficiency of the recruiting process and assessment of recruitment done for various companies.

Advantages of Staffing Software

  • Staffing solutions automate the hiring process. They eliminate paper-based processes and streamline candidate search, resume search, and candidate engagement workflows.
  • Staffing solutions can be implemented for organizations to hire freelancers, contractors, and permanent employees. It can be used on a case-to-case basis, project basis or for hiring cycles of companies. Organizations can give feedback about employees hired and employees can share information on their employment experience in the organization to the recruiting firm. This data can be utilized to improve future staffing cycles.
  • Staffing software applications simplify your recruitment process right from first association with the candidate to the hiring and onboarding process. Custom staffing software can manage the entire process of posting job advertisements, screening candidates and hiring the right talent.
  • The right solution will take care of the sales pipeline and relationship management with both candidates and companies. This will have an impact on the revenue and goodwill of the staffing team.
  • Managers can administer and oversee the recruiters’ tasks. They can track and monitor the performance of the recruitment team they manage.
  • A staffing software will automate response emails, reminders for follow-ups and have tools for improved communication and collaboration both with candidates and employers thereby improving efficiency.
  • The staffing team can connect with potential candidates on a variety of platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as staffing software will have integration with social media platforms. In this way, the staffing team can widen its reach.

Custom Staffing Solution By NCrypted

Staffing is an important aspect of human resource management. If a company is not able to hire the right candidate, the company will incur higher costs in terms of training, employee exit and rehiring if the employee is not found suitable. The company will lose the opportunity to hire the best candidate possible. The motivation levels and company culture can be affected if there are too many wrongly hired employees. NCrypted’s custom staffing solution will empower recruiters to get connected with more candidates, liaise with more companies and close job positions in an effective way. Our solution provides smart features such as -

Candidate Sourcing

Profiles of candidates applying for advertised jobs on different job sites will be collated and stored in the database of the staffing application. The software will be integrated with portals like LinkedIn, Monster, etc, so that candidate data is extracted and stored in desired formats. Duplication of data, inaccuracy, non-conformance to data rules and redundancy in data can be avoided with our staffing software.

Recommendations based on AI

We have an AI-powered recommendation engine that will match the right candidates for the right jobs. The engine automatically matches job descriptions with candidates’ qualifications, experience, and relevant expertise. The engine calculates and assigns scores to candidates for a job based on the candidate’s profile, job requirements, cultural fit, and other factors. This results in unbiased recruitment. Predictive analytics are used to calculate the probability of success of a candidate in a job. The accuracy and effectiveness of the AI engine are improved based on new data and past results.

Career Portal

You can use our staffing solution to build customized career web pages. These can be integrated with the existing company website. Candidates can view job requirements on the page, complete applications with custom data fields as required and upload their resumes on the page. This will be saved in the database. You can keep track of all applicants so that they can be reached out to when there is a suitable opening.

Candidate Management

Candidate profiles can be tracked. Data regarding candidates, conversations with candidates and candidate application history can be viewed and managed within the application.

Client Collaboration and Management

The staffing team can collaborate with employers regarding job postings, candidates’ assessment and progress. Employers can assign tasks to the staffing team. The employer and staffing team can manage the task workflow within the software.

Reporting and Analytics

You will need access to in-depth recruitment metrics to understand the performance of the staffing function. We provide detailed reports and analytics. Our software can leverage the data present to provide -

Dashboards for viewing different kinds of data such as -

  • Number of applications for each job posting
  • Fulfilled positions
  • Number of candidates versus number employed
  • Time take for placement for a requirement

Customizable Reports such as -

  • Performance of Team members
  • Total Cost of hire with a detailed breakdown
  • Billing Per Client


The custom staffing solution will have the ability to analyze data related to candidates, job postings, clients, recruitment success rate to gain insight into business scenarios and improve processes.

NCrypted’s custom staffing solution ensures that the continuous process of searching, selecting and evaluating candidates to satisfy employer requirements is seamless and highly efficient.


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