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What is Media And Entertainment Software Solution?

The media and entertainment industry is a huge industry. It includes various segments like Movies, Television, Music, Internet, Social Media, Publishing, Radio, and Gaming with further. Each of these segments has categories within it. Moreover, it is a globally widespread industry. Advances in technologies continuously evolve the way media and entertainment companies produce, manage, and distribute content and how the audience consumes content. A company with a competent and resolute technology solution can manage the workflows seamlessly and satisfy their client requirements. Some of the key areas of this industry where technology solutions play a critical role are –

Digital Asset Management

This involves the production, management, and storage of digital assets like video, audio, graphics, etc. The solution will allow storage and efficient retrieval of various media like paper-based assets as documents/images, audio files, video files, etc. It will ensure third-party integration, customization for target audiences, and various types of access. The module can be extended to role-based access control and digital rights management. Digital rights management protects your digital assets from being plagiarized, altered, and/or redistributed.

Artist Fan Engagement

Technology solutions will enable artists to collaborate with fans on digital platforms in numerous ways such as sending targeted push notifications, communicating with fans, sending them curated content, and setting up interactions and contests. This can bring in many advantages such as higher user engagement, uniting fans on a digital platform, and monetizing fans.

Publishing Solutions

Software solutions to create, edit, and print digital content are important for the media and entertainment industry. IT solutions can provide frameworks to create ebooks, e-cartoons, and e-magazines in various formats that can be interactive and be distributed across different platforms. They can provide custom solutions that will allow organizations to design and develop audio and video content. These solutions will manage data and metadata which is important for strategic and tactical reporting and analytics.

Content Distribution Management

Marketing and distribution technology solutions facilitate the publishing of content in various platforms such as the Internet, cable, mobile platforms, and movie theatres. There is a lot of competition in the industry and companies can sustain and grow their revenues by obtaining, engaging, and retaining users. This can be done by distributing the right content in the right manner. These solutions will empower you to fulfill customers’ requirements of content demand in different spaces and devices.

Social Media Management

Consumers are spoilt for choice and therefore it is challenging to get the consumer’s attention. Companies have to constantly update their strategies and capabilities. IT can be leveraged to build social media solutions that will assist customers in social sharing, personalized messages, and contextual data across a variety of social platforms. This will ensure that customers keep coming back for more.

NCrypted’s sophisticated software solutions consider every media business’s unique needs and build customized media and entertainment software that will allow businesses to engage with users and offer them unique experiences.

Some of the exceptional features of our media and entertainment software solutions

Robust Business Intelligence Engines

Our BI applications execute key processes like data mining, analysis, querying, and reporting that can give unprecedented insights in the form of visually appealing reports and analytics dashboards into your business metrics. You can view, analyze, and report on various parameters that will help you reduce costs, identify new opportunities, and execute well-informed business decisions.


Security of digital assets is a crucial part of media and entertainment IT solutions. We study the existing system to identify vulnerabilities and fix them. In our solutions, we employ various privacy and security features like authentication, subscription management, anti-piracy measures, paywalls, etc. to ensure your content is secure and accessible as required.

Live Streaming Solutions

We design and develop platforms that enable clients to publish and distribute live content to a broad audience. Our software supports features like multi-camera operations, custom audio and video controls, library management, embeddable HTML5 video player, video encoding, web streams, privacy controls, and more.

Digital Content Framework

We can offer a digital content management framework that will allow you to design workflows for managing, distributing, and selling digital content. It will provide an end-to-end solution to distribute content on multiple mobile platforms and devices like iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android phones, and Android tablets.

Smart Storage

The industry has varied forms of content. Our solutions eliminate the need for silos and support ingestion, creation, search, distribution, and archival of various content formats.

Content Packaging and Reuse 

Media and entertainment software can create solutions for content-centric organizations that can optimize content in diverse ways like content-reuse, content republishing, content repurposing, creating multiple content assets with the same data such as books, articles, and journals. This will help the enterprises to monetize their content effectively.

We can customize and implement our package solutions for different functions in the media and entertainment industry. We also design, develop, and implement solutions based on customers’ requirements. NCrypted provides innovative solutions that can accelerate your content workflows and bring about a positive difference to your business.


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