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What is Energy Management Software?

Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building, organization, community, city or country. We have to optimize the usage of energy so that

  • We reduce environmental damage and carbon emissions
  • We use renewable and non-renewable resources in an efficient manner
  • We reduce costs
  • We follow environmental regulations laid down by the government
  • We reduce volatility in energy prices and avoid shortage and disruptions in the supply of energy resources

Energy management software consists of applications that enable organizations to optimize consumption and reduce energy costs. They promote effective energy management through judicious energy distribution, appropriate analysis of energy consumption, and reduction in energy consumption costs. They aim to establish regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Energy Management Solutions

Energy management solutions aim to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency in organizations using the following methods -

Data Collection and Analytics

Energy management software applications collect energy consumption meter readings at regular intervals. This data is stored and analyzed in multiple ways. This step is crucial as it helps -

  • Understand consumption patterns and trends
  • Compare energy utilization across time periods and different operational hours
  • Make improvements in operations so that energy is utilized in the most efficient manner.
  • Define energy efficiency policies
  • Measure energy savings before and after changes have been made in operations or policies are implemented
  • Implement machine learning models to find out good and bad energy consumption behaviors
  • Implement algorithms to notify abnormal energy use, improved energy usage, breach of maximum usage levels, etc.


All the data that is collected can be put into use by generating reports and graphs to understand energy usage efficiency. The benefits of reporting are -

  • Organizations can generate and analyze reports on cost and consumption based on different conditions and view data on single or aggregated processes or units.
  • Usage of linear regression modeling and predictive analysis will help to predict and track consumption and cost savings on a detailed level.


Energy management software has tools for monitoring energy consumption. They can track real-time and historical data. Monitoring provides manifold benefits -

  • The organization can monitor consumption and cost on different bases such as per consumption employee, usage per square foot, etc. This can be used to optimize usage.
  • Tracking relevant metrics on a real-time basis will help identify savings opportunities.
  • A dashboard with data on the consumption of different energy sources such as water and fuel will help to take steps to lessen environmental impact and maintain profits.

User Engagement

People are increasingly becoming aware of wasteful energy usage and want to implement ways to conserve energy. If they can view and monitor their real-time energy consumption and compare usage between different times, they will be highly engaged in the process to save energy.

Features Of NCrypted’s Energy Management Software

Our solution supports organizations to make better energy decisions. Here is an overview of the critical features of NCrypted’s Energy management software -

Meter configuration and monitoring

Our solution provides a user interface to connect and configure power or gas meters. You will be able to view connected meters, disconnected meters, the health of meters, and all information on meter specifications. All this can be done automatically once the application is configured with the metering system.

Real-time Data Collection

The software solution has interfaces to collect data on energy usage. Most stand-alone systems provide data for 1-2 day intervals. Our solution allows you to automatically view the usage of data on a real-time basis. This will give you better insights on energy consumption and weaknesses in your energy grid.

Compliance Management

Compliance is an important aspect of responsible business. This module allows collecting data on energy utilization and generating custom reports related to carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. You can configure alerts for inefficient energy use, low supply, fluctuations and overruns on the energy budget.

Automated Control

This module provides views and control mechanisms for peak loads. It monitors the energy usage by different systems and devices in the building. It provides automated responses to overuse and underuse of energy based on historical data. This allows your organization to manage peaks and troughs and enhance operational efficiency.

Web-based System With Powerful API integration

NCrypted’s energy management solution is web-based. It is a SAAS product. Users can access functionality from anywhere with the right credentials. The application can interface with third party systems for transmission of data. For example, it can be connected to applications providing company and industry news. It can connect with external systems that monitor emissions and offer certifications for sustainability. It can be connected with systems trading in energy and those that monitor energy usage to offer rebates.

Customizable Solution

Our application can be configured such that it matches with your existing branding and styling of other applications. You can customize menus, graphics, and buttons such that the solution gives the same experience as other in-house applications. Users will have a shorter learning curve. Reports and emails can be configured as per company colours and branding.

Our innovative energy management software allows you to manage key performance indicators by organization, site, process, and appliance. It has user-friendly features and is easy to understand. Our energy management solution can be used for multiple purposes such as energy-saving targets, improved energy efficiency, or acquiring environment-friendly certifications.


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