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What is Farm Management Software?

Farm management software by Ncrypted aims at the technology-intensive transformation of agriculture and agribusiness. Moreover, it enables you to you plan, screen and analyze all exercises of farmland on figure tips without any hassle. Planting, tillage, crop assurance, treatment, water system, procurement, supply chain, financial accounting and all different exercises can be managed within a couple of taps. Additionally, you can track expenses, input usage and work hours for each movement.

This Smart agriculture management software platform is highly scalable and has aid many leading companies in accomplishing the objective of profitable and sustainable agribusiness.

How Smart Farm Management Software is Changing the Face of Agriculture?

Its driving the changes through following solutions:-

Farm Management Application

We engineer smart web applications and mobile phone applications for both iOS and android devices. Being Key player in AgriTech Industry we facilitate smart farming to cope with a huge amount of data and real time analytics. Our superior software solution aims to facilitate smart farm management platforms to third-party vendors. We aid to manage data automations, customer contacts, agriculture economics, as well as budgeting of harvest process and big data images using Iot agriculture devices and modifying farm management software for real time visualized displays and customized dashboard.

Crop Planning and Tracking Software

Our developers are committed to constant innovation and tend to facilitate with smart crop planning software to avoid the bottleneck in crop harvesting process and keep the process ease and smooth running. It allows to track all the operations involved such as, spray records, crop health, planning of field work, and labor, harvesting, packing, and shipping. We develop automate Crop tracking software that keeps a record of watering, irrigation, planting optimization, and data analysis is enabled through farm mapping software. We even develop crop databases, rotations management, yield management, and custom based event Farm management software.

Weather Monitoring and Pest Detection Software

With our highly scalable Weather Monitoring Software get an instant diagram of a 7-day climate condition or annual history for each field. Additionally, Pest detection software enables an Advanced detection algorithm that caution ranchers if there is a danger of an insect, pest or ailment event on their fields. Our high-end platform facilitates with on-time security with the assistance of cutting edge pest detection and infection hazard recognition.

Farm Inventory Software

We engineer agriculture inventory management systems solution gives your business the power to track effectively your real-time inventory analytics per warehouse such as by keeping a record of traceability, shrinkage of inventory, stockpiles, waste, assets, analyze and compile essential data, like transactions by site or warehouse, Central registry of employees, machinery, seasonal workers, and equipment accessible within few taps. This gives perceivability of farming equipment by execution of RFID frameworks, standardized tags, sequential number identification, proof scanners, and GIS advancements to new or existing ERP stages.

Farm Order Processing Management App

We engineer Farm Order Processing Management Apps to robotize request measures, oversee and smooth out work processes, from request receipt through fulfillment solution. It enables accurate lot and data tracking with an advancement of GPS technology. Along with, precise order processing and date code following it collect online orders and update the data of the orders delivered and generate the reports essential to your farm all in one place.

Farm Accounting Software

Our Farm Accounting Software analyze farm financial records and documents at a single place. It monitors business financial operations for instance report, track expenses, statements, cash-flows, balance sheets, capital investments and allocate them to each crop production. The Accounting software enable to track dynamic payment schedule, bill/purchase management module, and module for sales tracking.

Farm Equipment Management Software

Our Farm GIS Equipment maintenance software is designed to empower by letting pre-plan your spare part purchases and additionally schedule all maintenance tasks. Moreover, it is integrated with in-field inspection, standardization. Adding more, reporting capabilities of inspection protocols with automatic data backup to database servers for storage compliance. We likewise program customized m2m programming applications, including maintenance planning and tracking, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) checking, danger or safety management, security modules and instruments.

Farm Analytics and Report Software

Our Smart Farm Analytics Software enables to recognize why a few yields develop better on certain fields, discover the specific expense per kg/lb for each assortment per field and distinguish ROI for each harvest creation. Underlying reports let you get immeasurably significant information. Regardless instead of time consuming process you can simply examine your presentation, get all reports with a solitary snap with Farm management software.

Farm Report Management Software

Ncrypted’s high-end Farm Management Reporting Software enables to optimize machinery and machine information, livestock management equipment, track farming equipment cost, cultivator equipment and all other farm machinery. These arrangements additionally incorporate coordination with data warehousing solution, to collect and store data for examination and consistence records keeping with farmland machinery performance optimization software.


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