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What is Livestock Management software?

Ncrypted’s Livestock management software is an advanced and customized framework that enables to perform high-end analytics and maintain the tracked data of livestock. It records the detail of the whole event that an animal passes through. With this framework, it is an effortless procedure to monitor the quantity of livestock, their exhibition and cost measurements and their financial tracking until deals. We endeavour to exploit the advantage of modern management and data collection technologies to make the process easier and simpler.

Live Stock Management consists

Grazing Management

The Livestock Grazing Management framework track the movements of animals starting with one area then onto the next. Moreover, this framework is likewise useful to settle on fundamental rearing. Since, it has foremost and Cutting-edge features. It attempts to ensure that all animals are brought up in a sound environment for guaranteeing the best grazing practices.

Feed Management

We develop the Feed management software that assist the administrators with keeping up track on ranch livestock. While, recording the measure of feed that is devoured by each and every animal on the ranch. This is a significant component which is vital in the feed conversion proportion. Along with that, with the assistance of this feature figuring the expense of feed which is being consumed by every single farm turns out to be hassle free.

Feed Directive Automation Management

At a glance, Feed Directive Management software is an optimum platform that allows to oversee the amount of nutritional intake by the livestock. Plan feed schedules and computerize fixing reorders of nutrition intake. We ensure Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) compliance integrated with audit trail software to maintain traceability at the supplier level.

Animal Husbandry Software

Animal Husbandry Management software is a powerful solution built with rich IT implementation experience in animal husbandry industry and fused along with domestically advanced management concept and manner tailored for optimizing livestock fertility, day to day care and nutrient level with the aid of GIS mapping.

Ranch Management Software

We engineer custom Ranch management software that stream lines the management of work activities by providing digitized mobile and web-based solutions. Additionally, automating the work flow, providing a real time visualization, and along with the dominance of providing the whole access to retrieve the real time data of animal. Including accounting, breed tracking, assisting workflows, cost analysis and more.

Financial Planning Software

Our Financial Planning Software has completely digitally transformed for the process of calculating animal's herd values based on the factors of traits like breed, genealogy or pedigree analysis, age group, determining stock values, and market conditions.

Farm Mapping Software

We develop customized Farm map software that assist you with creating a digitized visualization of your farm. Moreover, differentiating types of livestock in the area of the farm, type of paddocks, updating with the location of cattle, movements of sheep, and herd.

Cattle Management Software

Our live stock management software experts develop high end cattle management software platform for incorporating tasks identified with cows, poultry, ponies, and other dairy crowds. We program modules for cattle to empower administration with mobility to retrieve data by scanning of an ID tag to enable tracking of breed, farm management, financial accounting and more.

Livestock Record Keeping Software

Our Livestock Record Apps empowers a superior solution to the ranchers to view, alter, record, update and access the data regarding any animal in the herd. Such as tracking animal inventories and production histories, record key performance, cattle purchases and sales, manage and track herd health treatments with the help of GPS/GIS mapping interface amalgamated with Business Intelligence (BI) and ear tag sensors.

Livestock Date Tracking Management

With the assistance of an animal date tracking management helps in following due dates for each and every animal in the herd. It oversees the calving time frame dependent upon the animal. This is imperative data that helps in checking the rearing practices that has been carried at the ranch to maintain herd with ease.

Livestock Inventory Software

Our dominant solution of livestock management enables anytime, anywhere monitoring the vital information regarding the herd and lends the ceaseless capabilities to calculate inbreeding percentages through web portal access or with e-commerce solutions.

Automated Soil Fertility Software

We build soil fertility software which can be utilized to track moisture, humidity, temperature values to ensure the fertility of soil in the field of agriculture to select the suitable crop and also the calculators that integrate to crop forecasting modules with wireless data transfer capabilities.

Pasture Grazing Management Software

We Develop Pasture Management software that enables to view the pasture history and plan herd move records, keep the track of pastures and cattle in one place, pasture grazing periods, Evaluate pasture performance. Moreover, With the help of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the modernized technology of geo-fencing it generates detailed view of a field and plan movements of herd all integrated within a single platform.


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