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What is Agriculture Land Management Software?

NCrypted's agriculture software development services enable the solution for the agricultural and farming business that in return effectively build the firm bridge between the farmers and the production cycle. Moreover, it gracefully anchors the board to build the benefits. We offer insightful solutions using innovative agriculture technology based on our deep industry expertise along with the adoption of smart technologies and marketing innovations. We have the capabilities and proficiency to design and develop custom agriculture software development to meet your specific business requirements.

Land Management Software

Mapping through GIS/GPS

We program innovative agriculture software for site-specific data mapping by conducting spatial analysis of farmlands. GIS is basic for distinguishing early indications of soil disintegration, making exact harvest yield estimation, and directing risk assessments to make farmland secure against floods, rapidly spreading fires, and dry seasons.
This management software integrates with location-based software and GPS tracking technologies amalgamated with the cost analysis application to develop forecasting for efficient seed yielding and logistics management.

Cultivation Management

We develop secured access portals for stakeholders including agronomists, service providers, GIS specialists to access real-time field information from any location helping you smoothen your development cycle and create significant data that will assist with expanding the efficiency and the yield benefits.

Farm Surveillance 3D Field design

We enable farm surveillance using the 3D field design. The custom application creates a 3D map of the crops on your farm, uses the High-end sensors to aware you of any damage caused and measures the health of the crop. Having your farm under monitoring will keep you updated about the yields and the activities on it. Enables you to visualize the dry/wet zones, slopes, or drainage systems by performing field analysis.

Decision support system

The agricultural decision support systems evaluate by detecting the overcoming challenges. for instance, agricultural mission planning, water resources management and climate change adaptation in a systematic manner. A comprehensive evaluation is led from the parts of interoperability, adaptability, analysis before planting.

Harvest management system

We program Harvest management system for monitoring inventory, loads, and track yields. Harvest Management Information System (HMIS) that combines a real-time Portable Labour Monitoring System (PLMS) within one robust agricultural management platform.

Logistic Management

Customised Logistic Management software enables to track the fleet when they leave for delivery. It manages and perform real-time track until it reaches the buyers.

Irrigation Software

It helps with to maintain properly irrigated landscapes or farm with automated schedules including regulating water levels, soil monitoring, weather conditions, gravity, sub irrigation, supplemental, centre-pivot, rotation, solid-set, in-ground systems, and more.

Aerial imaging and Analytics

Capture field images utilizing drones and satellites to build precision maps for monitoring crop yields, field conditions, and weather changes. It collects, process, and analyse aerial imagery for accuracy cultivating. We cover the whole lifecycle of agriculture with the help of drone software development, including user interfaces, developing cloud infrastructure, and enhancing drone farm mapping solutions from rapid prototypes to plan the future updates.

Advanced Sensor Controller Software

Sensor Controller Software is focused on the utilization of information obtained through sensors of different sources such as. They screen the yields for changes in light, humidity, temperature, shape and size, that helps in determining the weather pattern in farms. So that, cultivation is done for a suitable crop.

Water Supply Management Software

Smart water management systems can provide a more resilient and efficient by Pressure monitoring for leakage detection and pump optimization, Rain gauges, flow meters, water quality monitoring and other environmental data using Geographic information system(GIS) and Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to optimize the process

Agronomy Software

Soil Sampling

We develop custom soil management software that help to digitize your whole cultivation process and build up a 3D model of soil. The automate agronomy management software assists with gathering the information of the soil quality by analysing soil samples to determine the composition, characteristics or nutrient levels of the soil and life pattern of the yield.

GIS Mapping

A geographic information system (GIS) is an advanced framework for overseeing, integrating, managing, and analysing data. It examines spatial areas and sort outs layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes. With this extraordinary capacity, GIS reveals deeper insights into data, and help in information handling for efficient crop management.

Subsurface Drainage system

We create custom soil management software for designing or planning drainage system. With the help of drainage level calculators, it performs necessary computations that are needed for the design of subsurface drainage systems of irrigated agricultural land.

Soil Collection Software

We engineer soil collection automation software having enhanced capabilities by evaluating samples referring by soil type, zone, depth, size, Additionally, well equipped with features for monitoring and Streamlining Crop Performance.

Automated Soil Fertility Software

We build soil fertility software which can be utilized to track moisture, humidity, temperature values to ensure the fertility of soil in the field of agriculture to select the suitable crop and also the calculators that integrate to crop forecasting modules with wireless data transfer capabilities.

Soil Colour Index Mapping

We program yield or soil index mapping software list to segregate soil segment with the help of spectral algorithms and analytics.

High-end Seeding Software

We develop customised Agri-tech software encompassed with the varied proficient seeding software to automate the planting rate with soil productivity rates. Additionally, integrated with historical, geographical database for predictive analysis.


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