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What is Sports Analytics & Athlete Performance Software ?

With the recent advances in the data collection and management technology it has broadened the scope significantly. Sport Analytics software and framework leverages the principals of performance management and systems development processes. Moreover, this platform aids to achieve the results by fostering constant and continuous improvement with the help of incremental inspections and adaptation. It enables to predict which players will add-up most value, Reach the goals faster, deep analytics and more.

What makes Ncrypted's Sports Analytics Software Superior to other in the Market?

Our industry leading Sports Analytics Software enables the teams to successfully identify the metrics that capture the intangible attributes that in return drive their objectives. Additionally, is simple to use, along with customized dashboard that allows players, assistance coaches, coaches, analysts, to view and execute their responsibilities. And represents it in a scalable format where the players can clearly decide and understand what they can do to commit to their value metrics, view the performance of team, stats for team comparison and post-game surveys. Furthermore, we have mastered the art of binding distinct technologies, as a result this platform serves both as an advanced strategic tool and a learning tool.

Our Wide Range of Winning-Edge Sports Analytics Software to Supercharge Your Game

Sports Analytics Software Solutions

We deploy Customized and Highly advanced Sports analytics and Athlete performance software that empower to maximize the performance potential. Additionally, It facilitates with unified dashboard view regarding the performance data, Realtime insights, video analysis software, pre or post-game surveys and the platform even reshape the future with wearable technology. Hence over, it helps to anticipate the obstacles even before they occur.

Sports Data Capture Application

With our deep domain expertise, we have developed proficient Data capture application for real- time insights and streamline the performance of the player’s or athlete’s position, on / off ball events, play-by-play data, speed and heart rate data, reduce the injury rates that in return aids in high- performance decision making process.

Sports Data Management

Our engineers program Sports Data Management Software for big data analytics, Extract/Transfer/Load (ETL) capacities, and more advanced features for overseeing or managing the operations and complex data sets. It moreover, helps to gather and coordinate information from different sources.

Athlete Performance Tracking

We build intuitive custom Athlete Performance Tracking Software with RFID, GPS / GIS, wearable technology device that helps you to record, monitor, import, store, track testing and data evaluation. Additionally, it is integrated with the data collection application that is equipped with cutting-edge technology for pinpoint positional data for performance analysis during the training sessions.

Motion Analysis Software Services

Our Motion Analysis Software incorporates with remote, biometrics, IMUs, examining, 2D/3D imaging, video-based sensors, marker/marker-less, increased/augmented reality (AR/VR) and different innovations.

Sports Analytics Motion Tracking Software

We program motion tracking software for examining steps, eye-tracking, jumps, range of motion, pressure, momentum and more physical attributes. It enables customized processing of data to collect the huge amount of data from the multiple sources for advanced and real-time performance analysis for the sports practitioners.

Sports Performance Video Analysis Solutions

Our Sports Performance Video Analysis Software enables to track the actions, review the key moments, compare the events, dashboard with unlimited labels and charts, monitor the timeline with the help of interactive data tools. Moreover, it empowers the analysts to mirror high-end processes.

Sports Testing and Assessment Tools

We deliver industry leading and robust analytics applications to build the integrated modules for accessing or evaluating speed, distance, team formation, custom data fields, footwork agility, field coverage, player zones, and more.

Athlete Performance Management Software

We deliver Easy to Use and Secure Athlete Performance Management Software Platform to Track Individual Stats, Track All Team Member Stats, Generation of Progress Reports, Track Fitness Metrics, Track Personal Goals, histories of performances, communication tools, monitor the rates of workouts and more.

Sports Performance Integration

We deliver advanced tools to actualize the sports investigation and competitor execution applications with preparing information regarding the competitor details, wellbeing/injury records, and more for execution advancement experiences. We integrate versatile applications stages for the video recording, live real time, sharing information and extricating qualitative data.

Monitor Tracking Systems

Our engineers program custom and advanced Monitor Tracking System algorithms for recognizing top performers, competitors in danger of injury, key plays/results, benchmarks, authentic execution results, wellbeing or fitness checking and more.

Robust Reporting Engine

We program highly scalable Reporting Software for collection of data, information reports, diagrams, outlines, notifications, and dashboards programming. In addition to this it enables client level controls improvement and the arrangement of automated text explanation to give clients real time feedback.


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