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What Is Sports Medicine Software Development ?

Athletes not only need to be fit and remain in shape, even they have to achieve the peak performance, especially when they practice for the athletic events. Our High-end Sports Medicine Software platform provides a complete workflow − from anamnesis to the diagnostic report. Ncrypted aids to simplify your approach by managing your Athletes’ health records effectively and securely. Moreover, we transform your Athletes’ medical information into an actionable insight with just at the push of button.

What Exactly Is Sports Medicine Software Services?

With the technological advancements happening each and every second, life has become faster as well as quicker than ever. To keep up with this fast pace Sports Medicine and Health Software enable to streamline the workflow, aid to represent the health charts along with the records efficiently, manage all the tasks, payment scheduling, even prescriptions and medications can be tracked efficiently. Moreover, it enables accurate documentation and more.

Let Ncrypted Uplift Your Business with Leading-Edge Sports Medicine Software Development

Ncrypted's Sports Medicine Software is a leader in the industry. We serve our Pre-eminent software platform and strive to develop as well as design custom-based software of any scale or complexity and aid large businesses along with the small-scale businesses to integrate advanced innovative technologies, evolve and win the market. Uplift your sports medicine software to support your practice rather than forcing to mold the software in your ways. We integrate custom sports medicine systems for better evaluation, manage the tasks, schedule the payment, track the medications of injury status and optimize overall fitness level.

Our Dominance as Your Sports Medicine Software Development Provider

Sports Health Software Solutions

Our Sports Health software has revolutionized the way to monitor, analyze, evaluate, store the data. Along with the help of Health management software, all the information will display at a single touch. Moreover, it is integrated with robust analytics, reporting and advanced injury analysis features. It even facilitates with health alerts, Record and centralize assessments, streamline day-to-day activities, ensure quick and highly secure platform.

Injury Tracking Applications

We deliver Robust Injury Tracking Applications to carry out injury audits, collect and analyze injury investigation reports, end-to-end documentation management for head, hip, shoulders, elbow, and other key areas. Additionally, it includes highly scalable image analysis (DICOM / PACS), Decision support modules, diagnostic modules and more.

EHR and EMR Software Solutions

Our developers efficiently customize EHR / EMR (Electronic Health Record or Medical Record) software solutions that help the healthcare providers to manage the medical records of the patient and automate the clinical workflows. This system is incorporated with modules such as templates of orthopaedic and sports medicine for specialized scoring systems, common injuries, testing the data, moreover it is integrated with arthroscopic devices, EMG (Electromyography) and more.

Sports Concussion Assessment Tools

Our Sports Concussion Assessment Tools enables health practitioners to send the baseline tests to the whole team, monitor the individual post-concussion assessments and optimize as well as access the reports of concussion assessment from a centralized, easy to use, comprehensive platform utilizing the advanced tools such as SCAT3, BESS, ImPact, SAC.

Sports Injury Assessment Software

Ncrypted delivers custom frameworks explicitly in the sport medicine software sport medicine software including the field injury evaluation applications, for example, movement catch/imaging, biometrics, injury reviews with key measurements, and incorporations with software for performance analysis.

Functional Movement Systems

We develop Cutting-edge (FMS) Functional Movement Systems to examine how muscles and joints work together, analysis for motion, movement, co-ordination, motor control, balance and more. Examining these patterns reveals the functional issues and in return results in a Functional Movement Screen Score to prevent the injuries, maximize the efficiency and increase the performance.

Nutrition Management Software

Our Nutrition Management Software a one-stop software solution for adjusting the diet plans in real time, generating Personalized nutrition plans, tracking calories intake, expenditure, source, management of diet, tracking of weight, ratios regarding muscle-to-fat and hydration tracking.

Patient Portal App

We create Patient Portals App for exercise logging, evaluation for wellness, calculating health factor, tracking of progress. Additionally, it is a centralized platform for communicating with the nutritionists.

Meal Planning & Recipe Management Software

We engineer meal planning and recipe management applications including custom arrangement, creation of recipes, serving counts, tracking of clinical history, allergies, customized suggestions by nutrition types and objectives.

Nutrition Analysis Software

Our Nutrition Analysis Software enables you to inform the customers about the nutritional content of the food, managing the medical records, advanced analysis of the nutrition, analysis of performances, compare the nutrition profiles, and more.

Sports Medicine Algorithm Modules

We influence our skill in algorithms programming for serving customer needs and planning a customized plan for nutrition or health management, weight reduction, muscle gain, and different objectives. We alter calculations for decision support systems incorporated with the solutions exercise programs and return-to-activity clearance.

Sports Medicine Analytics Software

Our Sports Medicine Analytics Software provides the analytics of customized health reports, wellness charts, graphs, and more are created as user friendly workflows and sharing along with the saving them in a centralized or unified platform.


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