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Sales Management Software

Sales management involves all activities related to pre-sales, sales, and post-sales support. It includes functions such as -

  • Sales development which incorporates prospecting new customers and follow-up with potential clients.
  • Campaign management, work on marketing collateral and sharing customer insights with the marketing team.
  • Handling sales transaction and customer management.
  • Support in post-sales activity and renewal of sales.
  • Integrate with other departments such as product team, finance team, and customer service agents.

The activities of sales teams directly affect revenue and profitability. Therefore the sales team has to be highly dependable and efficient. Technology will enable the sales department to streamline its business processes so that it can generate more revenue. Sales management software is designed so that you can track leads, manage sales and engage with customers. Your costs, time and efforts will be optimized and you can focus on tasks vital to your operations.

Benefits of Sales Management Solutions

Sales management so provides wide-ranging organizational benefits. Effective sales management solutions will help the organization remain competitive and achieve revenue targets. It provides features that are beneficial to the entire sales team. The key advantages of a sales management application are -

Strategic Account Management

The sales software will store the details of all accounts in the database. You will be able to manage accounts, categorize accounts and prioritize them as per revenue potential. You can allocate the right sales representatives and specific marketing and promotional activities to accounts.

Automate Workflows

Sales management software applications create, update and store relevant data in the database. You can set up workflows for sales cycles. Task allocations and approvals can be done automatically. The software can identify key information in emails, texts, and documents. This information will be stored in the database and the data can be used to create tasks, reminders, and track customer responses.

Information Management

Sales management software is a database for prospecting data, customer information, sales representatives’ assignments, and their status. It is a repository for marketing campaigns, social marketing, and online activity. Moreover with automation, manual data entry is reduced leading to more accurate data. This data can be used to measure relevant KPIs and analyze trends. It can be used to send custom marketing collateral to customers. Focused sales promotion methods can be set up for potential customers.

Better Collaboration and Communication

The sales team will have relevant and up-to-date information on products, services, clients and marketing campaigns. You can manage conversations with team members and clients. You can share and edit files. With all knowledge centrally accessible, your team can communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Features Of NCrypted’s Sales Management Software

Lead/contact management

Our software is designed such that sales teams capture, organize and track leads. The sales representatives can create contact cards for customers and attach company information and contact details. Material such as meeting notes, status, etc. can be attached. Sales personnel can use features of the system to nurture leads to conversions.

Campaign Management

Our sales management software boosts your offline and online marketing efforts. You can set up and implement radio, television, and print advertising campaigns. Based on the information, you can set up discount pricing and direct mailers. Their effectiveness can be measured on various custom KPIs. Implement online marketing campaigns on the website and on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can use both online and offline marketing tasks in conjunction using our tool.

Pricing Optimization

Price is an important aspect of marketing and sales. It is important to set the right price. It should not be so low that customers question the quality nor too high that customers feel there is no value. At the same time pricing affects revenue directly. You can create price strategies for different products. It allows you to manage pricing worksheets and dashboards for detailed pricing movements. You can view and analyze historical price trends, competitor pricing, and brand/category level indices.

Reporting and Analytics

Your sales managers will be able to generate accurate and comprehensive reports on key performance indicators. They can also create graphs and charts on sales data such as customers producing most revenue, sales representatives bringing in the most revenue, etc. Some out-of-box reports include email count reports, calls reports, Detailed views on leads and conversions, billing information, and sales forecasts.

The analytics functionality will provide data views such that the senior management can have a complete view. It can generate many metrics on back-end and customer facing activities. Some of the sample analytics reports that you can view, print, email, and export include -

  • Campaign analysis
  • Sales funnel analysis reports
  • Sales forecasts and comparison of actual sales and estimates across timelines
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Sales representatives' performance


We have built-in integration features so that the sales management software can interweave with other applications. This will allow the sales management application to be more complete and you can reap many advantages of the seamless interplay of applications. It can integrate with various software such as -

CRM systems-To understand customer preferences and use customer data to get more opportunities for selling.

Accounting software-For invoicing, payment tracking and budgeting.

Email software-To manage communication with clients, receive real-time push notifications and alerts and configure email templates

Collaboration software-You can use software like Trello and Slack in conjunction with our application for team communication, task management, and document management

We have an in-house team of experts who can work with you and equip you with an application that facilitates you to maximize lead generation, shorten sales cycles, increase revenue and deliver outstanding customer service. team of recommendations based on their unique business for smarter, on-topic customer relations.


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