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What is Jail Management System?

People who have been arrested, charged, or convicted of criminal charges are sentenced to live in jails. In many cases, the number of prisoners in jail is large. Managing the jail, prisoners and the resources for the smooth functioning of the prison is quite complex. The jail system must be run smoothly so that law and order are maintained and the society is safe and secure.

Critical Requirements In Jail Management

Jail Management involves numerous prisoners, security personnel, physical and virtual security, scheduling of jobs, data collection, storage and transmission, and resource allocation and management. Some of the common requirements that jails have amid day-to-day running of the jail and strategic decision making are -

Manage prisoners in the jail

There are various inmates in prison. There are constant move-in and move-out of prisoners. The prison management has to capture and manage physical data, identity information, and biometrics on prisoners. Prisoners have to be assigned to security guards and cells. The prisoners’ daily routine has to be managed. Parameters related to behavior and work done by prisoners such as disciplinary action, products made, work done, etc. have to be managed.

Manage employees of the jail

Working in jail is a tough job. It demands long hours and needs a lot of physical and mental effort on the employees’ part. It is imperative that the jail administration makes the organization a satisfying place to work. The jail administration has to, therefore, manage employees well. It has to keep track of employee information like personal details, training needs, and progress in training, performance ratings, attendance, work hours, etc. It needs to take care of salary, overtime, and other performance incentives.

Manage visitors to the jail premises

Many people - relatives, lawyers, etc. visit the jail premises. Security cannot be compromised. Therefore information such as visiting times, visitor tracking, meeting time, denial, and allowance of visitors for inmates has to be collated, stored, and updated as required. The visitor request and approval process have to be managed.

Manage litigation, security, and compliance

Lawsuits are filed against the jail administration for various reasons such as disciplinary issues, medical care, visitation, etc. The jail is a huge mass of people coming in, visiting, going out, and staying on the premises. Transparency and security are of the utmost importance. Inmates have to be protected too. Therefore jail administration has to comply with many regulations and follow strict procedures. The jail administration has to collate and manage huge volumes of different types of data to handle these aspects. Technology in corrections will benefit the jail administration greatly.

Features Of Jail Management System by NCrypted

Prisoner Management

NCrypted’s solution will allow for the management of prisoners’ information. It has features such as -

  • Assignment of jobs for prisoners.
  • Feedback on prisoners’ work performance
  • Reports on the prisoner population
  • Tracking prisoners’ movements
  • Provision of information and alerts for security-related issues.

Prisoner initiation and release processes can be configured within the system so that there is complete transparency in the details of every prisoner within the premises.

Employee Management

Our jail management system provides an employee management module that offers

  • Group, role, and team member management
  • Interfaces for recording employee details, training details, performance and leave schedule Monitoring and tracking of employee performance using configurable algorithms
  • Reports on employee details, employee attendance, employee performance, etc. with features to filter and compare
  • Analytics dashboards to view current activity status for each employee
  • Provision of information and alerts for security-related issues.

Visitor Management

The solution will have templates for request forms and configurable workflows for visit approval depending on the type of prisoner, type of visit and other parameters. Physical visitor IDs will be tracked by the system. The system can track the schedule of visits and also manage video recordings of visitors entering and exiting premises.

Data Integration

A prison needs a highly integrated data system for its smooth functioning.

Some of the data points to be captured and stored include -

  • Onsite video surveillance
  • Medical profiles of inmates
  • Results of medical check-ups of inmates
  • Physical description, personal profile, criminal profile, etc. of inmates
  • Multiple images and screenshots of inmates from various angles and different profiles
  • The capture of biometrics data for visitors, prisoners, and employees
  • Employee profiles and track record of performance while in employment
  • Parameters to record functioning of the jail

Our jail management system provides intuitive user interfaces to input, store, and display data.

There are many spokes in the wheels of justice. These have to be integrated to maximize efficiency and optimize security measures. The prison management application should be integrated with the police database for access to FIRs of current inmates and previously held inmates. It has to have access to data from the judiciary system regarding prison term, probation hearings, parole data, release dates, etc. It requires integration with field logs. Our system provides for integration with third-party systems and smooth and secure data access and transmission. Records from various sources can be accessed and analyzed to solve crimes and prevent security issues. We provide a database solution that allows users to work on data concurrently and enables users to have multiple views on the data. It provides backup and retrieval of historical records which can be accessed instantly as required.

Schedule Management

The jail ecosystem has to run like clockwork. This calls for a meticulous schedule for employees, inmates, visitors, etc. Instead of having numerous notes and unwieldy excel reports our scheduling module will allow you to set schedules for different groups of employees such as IT staff, kitchen staff, prison guards, medical staff, counselors, etc. You can set up daily schedules for inmates and work schedules for inmates. The module can be used for time-off requests, trading of shifts and jobs, and other adjustments. Alerts can be configured for emergencies, overtime, shift change, lockdowns, etc.

Workflow Management

Our solution will enable you to automate and configure workflows for multiple inmates’ schedules, guards duties, work allocation for prisoners, inmate intake workflow, inmate release workflow, etc. The workflow can be configured for different roles and users.

Technology in corrections will help your prison to be progressive. NCrypted’s jail management system will facilitate better security, reduced risks, and improved operational efficiency.


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