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What Is Meetings & Event Planning Software Solutions?

Meeting management software helps in planning and guides meeting team meetings to ensure focused meetings. Meeting management solutions enables to Create an agenda for meetings, providinghigh-end tools to facilitate decision making or discussion directly, schedules the tasks based on the meeting process, aids in coordination and more. The Event planning softwarecombines many tools to streamline the event planning process, offering features that discuss several aspects of event management. It aids in managing large-scale events including conferences, professional organizational meetings as well as the trade shows.

Learn Why Meeting Planners Choose Ncrypted’s Event and Meeting Management Solutions to Manage Their Events?

End-to-end Attendee management

From registration to check-in, our system streamlines all experiences for your participants. Create a detailed event registration form and sell online tickets through a special event website. Allow registrants to upload and download files, anonymous voting, polling in real time, tracking of the attendee details.

Keep everyone about the task, on time and budget

Because the meeting is a big project, we offer a complete suite of project management tools. Send, receive, and track email through the event email communication hub, Create and set contacts,build detailed events agendas with assignments of vendors and venues, track expenses, payments and due dates with a budget, manage files and notes, customizeddashboard and advanced reporting.

Manage business details to maximize income

Our meeting management softwareaids you in managing the leads, create customized proposals, send detailed invoices and collect all online payments in one place, plus set the template that can be reused to save your time. Perfect for managing and collecting sponsors and exhibitors.

Track every place, vendor and supplier

From our CRM software to our worksheet templates that have been built, our conference management software offers comprehensive resources to manage catering, venue, speakers, entertainment, A / V and more. Upload vendor bills and track payments. Create detailed event floor plans and seating charts for your room.

Explore Our Event and Meeting Management Software to Manage your Attendees, Participants and Event

Custom Event Management Software Solutions

We make special event planning solutions with event registration tools that integrate with venues and hotel applications, budget tracking, staff management systems, and more. Furthermore, Ncrypted develop fully integrated virtual event platforms, rich features, and responsive moves that allow organizations to connect with audiences through a virtual environment.

Meetings & Web Conferencing Software

We develop smart meeting management solutions that cover all important elements as well as enables teams to build collaborative meeting agendas. Our Web conference software solutions are highly-integrated along with the webinars, real-time communication, video content sharing, calendar scheduling, and community features. Additionally, our attendee management software aids you along with the real-time voting, electronic hand raising features, muting sound, anonymous voting, as well as other involvement capabilities.

Event Registration Management Software

Ncrypted’s Event Registration Management Softwareempowers you along with the default adjustable reporting module and form formation form. Additionally, weeven build guest booking portals for several types of events and registration, including individuals, groups, or events. We even program advanced event tracking software, including RFID, QR Code, Barcode, NFC, magnetic strip, and badge scanner.

Custom Dating App Solutions

We develop customized Dating Solutions that combine popular "Swipe & Match" features, facial matching algorithms, and profile verification capabilities that are driven by AI. Additionally, weour prominent matching algorithm uses high-end predictive analytics. Ncrypted’sdating software developmentoffers instant messages, voice calls / messages as well as direct video chat.

Trade Show Management Software

Our Trade show management software enables you to manage all logistics, exhibitors, chamber maps, participant registrants and more in just one trade show platform. With our matchmaking system, you can manage interactions and moderate one to one meeting according to the profiles provided to make meaningful connections between visitors. It aids in setting price information, customers and logistics aspects to be considered in the installation. Set the booth as much as you need to be assigned. It even aids you to generate and print badges with your participants, exhibitors, and staff profiles.

Lead Retrieval Software

Our Lead Retrieval Software empowers sales representatives by automating as well as recording information related to the potential leads by scanning badges, eliminating the hassle of collecting as well as importing data from numerous business cards.

Association Management Software

Association Management Software aids in storing member information in the database, collecting and managing member financial contributions, organizing associations, and platforms to communicate with members. Itallows users to create, publish, and distribute content to associations and more.

Event Technology Solutions

Our Custom event technology software uplifts your brand interactivity by optimizing the social promotion, distribution of content, as well as produce a direct and digital experience.We even develop digital presentation software to enable interactive virtual presentations.


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