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Learning Management System

Learning management platforms facilitate efficient learning and communication and collaboration between students and teachers in educational environments. In enterprises, LMS is used to empower employees through relevant courses. These solutions bring about operational excellence in modern organizations.

What Is Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that allows to plan and execute learning sessions. It provides for student evaluation and communication between learners and teachers. It involves the delivery of learning material and training sessions through digital resources. Learning Management systems are used for various purposes. Companies use these solutions for -

Educational organizations implement LMS to -

  • Knowledge management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee training
  • Customer and partner training
  • Engage better with students of the Internet generation
  • Enhance their traditional teaching methods
  • Reach a wider student base
  • Report on and analyze course content and instruction techniques to improve processes and decision making

Learning management systems can be desktop-based, mobile-based, Internet-based or cloud-based.

Features of Learning Management Systems

The learning industry can apply IT enabled learning systems in multiple domains -

Content and Catalog Management

Users can create and manage course content. Content can be in various formats such as text, audio, video, and graphics. Other features include built-in authoring tools, integration of online content, setup of different curriculum paths, reuse of content and feedback mechanisms. An integrated user management module allows for different roles such as administrator, author, teacher and learner who will be able to access functions relevant to their role.

Content Delivery

Depending on the business requirements, the content is customized such that the course can be instructor-led, self-paced or a blend of both. The delivery of content can be synchronous or asynchronous. LMS solutions can configure content delivery for classroom learning, Internet based courses and through other digital formats. There are mechanisms for surveys and feedback.

Corporate Training

An LMS can help companies achieve their training goals. An effective LMS solution can help in different ways -

  • Employee Onboarding:New employee induction and training can be automated. Create a training program and encourage new joinees to complete the training program, irrespective of their geographic location. The Internet generation prefers such tech-savvy solutions and adapts to them well.
  • Compliance Management:Compliance training is important to prevent risks of lawsuits and be aligned with the government and industry regulations. It is easy and effective to impart knowledge and information regarding compliance through technology. Changes in policies and processes can be disseminated better through software solutions as employees can access them anytime and from anywhere.
  • Skill Development:Training employees in new skills, products and concepts is imperative to a company’s success. It will also result in higher engagement and retention of employees. Systematic training will create leaders of the future. Interactive LMS solutions that provide the relevant courses and have gamification features will be embraced by employees. They will be more than willing to expand their skill set with intuitive learning sessions and innovative evaluation mechanisms.

Monitor Student Performance and Evaluation

With an LMS, you can monitor the student’s performance closely. You can manage and monitor various performance related parameters. A student’s progress and activity can be evaluated, and feedback can be given. Create and update tests and score them in an LMS system. An IT enabled learning solution gives insight into training via reports, real-time analytics, and dashboards. Custom reports and scorecards can be delivered to students through different means - email, messaging or on the LMS system.

Customer and Partner Training

Α bespoke LMS solution for customer training can increase customer satisfaction and customer engagement. Customer-oriented LMS solutions can train them to employ your services better and are a great way to introduce new products to them. The LMS program can impart training for partners and resellers. It can contain dedicated courses for partners or grant specific access to content related to product information, sales training, support training, and marketing so that they can be a successful part of your organization. Such training programs will support increasing revenue and better synergy with partners and resellers.

Our Solutions for Learning Management

The NCrypted team is experienced in the design and development of LMS and eLearning systems. -

The key features of our LMS systems are -

  • Intuitive User Interface:We design an easy-to-use and engaging interface for our learning management applications. Our applications have logical navigation paths, intuitive user action triggers and learner-friendly features so that learners do not lose interest in the course.
  • Mobile-friendly learner solution:Our solutions can be seamlessly ported to mobile platforms. It is suitable for learners who prefer learning on-the-go and require flexibility. Students and instructors can access courses anytime and anywhere.
  • Specifications Support :The solutions support SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and Tin Can API. This enables content sharing and supports external learning activities and tracking.
  • Reporting and Analytics :We offer built-in reporting and analytics features in our LMS platforms. This enables tracking of training programs on specific parameters. Learner engagement, learner progress, and instructor performance can be tracked. Visual representations can help you identify patterns and trends to improve decision making.
  • Gamification :Games and contests motivate some people to do better. Gamification features in our solutions allow for the accumulation of points, acquisition of badges, and leaderboards. This pushes learners to do better and it can support an award system in the organization.
  • Social Learning and Notifications:Learners and instructors can get real-time notifications of activities, share information about their courses, and communicate through chat and messaging features. The Internet generation uses these features all the time and this increases familiarity with the tool.

We @ NCrypted understand the learning industry. We have the requisite expertise to deliver the right learning solution that will bring a positive difference to your training department. It can lead to improved processes and an immersive learning experience along with reduced costs, and higher revenues.

Salient Features Of Learning Management System

  • Homework Tracker:The homework tracker can be used to for 2 things: -
    • Assign homework:A homework tracker can be used to assign homework to students, easily and more efficiently, and students would get notification about that, they have been assigned some homework.
    • Track HomeworkHomework tracker can be used to track student’s homework’s, about home many homework was given to students and which students have completed and submitted the homework.
  • Student Profile Builder:A good learning management software will give all the critical information about any student within the institute with the click of a button, each student will have a profile containing grades, attendance and vital information.
  • Making Course calendar:Calendar configurability allows all the students on the systems, to view all of the scheduled activities in a personal calendar that can then integrate with the learning management systems.
  • Feedback System:The best way to gather opinions about your online learning is to ask learners directly.
    • So, the Feedback system is very crucial part for the improvement of learning management system.
  • Track attendance Records:Tracking a student’s attendance is one of the most important features.
    • A parent or student can directly apply for a leave from the dashboard, so that teacher gets notified immediately
    • Parents and teachers can also track the attendance records of the student through the software.
  • Video conferencing integration for virtual classroom:In the world of L&D, we’ve quickly learned how essential video conferencing is when we need remote training. This is especially true for remote and global workforces who can’t travel every time new information needs to be learned.
  • Certification and Compliance :Some topics require a little extra coverage, or sometimes you need your people to cover a bulk of material to be certified and ready to do a job. This is where certification programs come in handy, something you should be able to create quickly and easily.


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