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What Is Food Traceability Software?

Food Traceability Software allows users the ability to research, track, and store information about manufactured food products. The company uses traceability software to keep food orders well documented and its origins. These platforms provide tools to track the origins of inventory for various products and shipping. Additionally, it has the ability to help users to maintain requirements for health and safety. Many Tracking Systems provide tools to optimize expenses and budgeting orders, generate allergic warnings, and contact the seller. To be eligible to be included in the food tech category, a Food Traceability Software must be: Track product materials and their origins, connect inventory and origin of data as well as aids to outline of health and safety standards.

Why Food and Beverage Manufacturers Needs Our Tracking Systems to Don't let Inaccuracy Sink Your Business?

Ncrypted’s Traceability Software aids in Optimizing management and planning with increased visibility, increase productivity, minimize lower losses and production costs, manage tracts and withdrawal processes, do full products remember quickly and efficiently by identifying and taking potentially defective goods from customers. Moreover, it Improve estimated accuracy by minimizing estimated errors and adjusting the balance between supply and demand, activating the greater visibility, compliance, and quality control in the process of selecting procurement and suppliers, perform automatic action to ratify and track customer returns, warranty claims and complaints.

Explore Our Wide Range of Food Traceability Software Solutions that Offers Precision and Accuracy when you need it most

Food Track-and-Trace Software

Uplift your profitability, quality, flexibility as well as compliance in manufacturing by managing all the digital rules and information for day-to-day operational activities performed in real-time. It enables you to track food products from sources to end customers. Our Traceability software will enable you to search by a product or it’s number to see the source of all ingredients, and to see where they have been sent (Trace advanced), allows fast withdrawal, if needed. The expiration date can be saved for each product or number of lots so that when the product passes through the due date, it can be removed from the production chain. Track-and-Trace software empowers you to save money, help to maintain customers and protects public health.

Food Vendor Management Traceability

Our Tracking System combines food processing that can be followed up and manages all the transactional data to visualize the life cycle for all food products and materials related to an organization. We integrate track-and-trace maps with vendor databases for quick review vendor certification, safety / quality control methods, incidents, and order history. The Track-and-Trace platform integrated with a module to automate the recall procedure for upstream as well as downstream vendors.

Food Traceability Apps Development

Our Application for Food traceability enables to keep track of raw materials, materials, supply chains, shipping, manufacturing batches, product cycle up to product instances where visibility level serialization is needed. You can activate a virtual digital report for each instance of your product, log business activities carried out on their products, locations and movements throughout the life cycle of sources, manufacturing and rights to consumers. Moreover, we even empower you with Map of farm-to-fork products, organizations and vendor sustainability practices, and detailed nutritional information. We also integrate with tracking system for shipping tracking.

Sustainable Food System Software

Along with our tailored Sustainable Food System Software you can create custom sustainability audits and documentation. It even delivers you benchmark for your supply chain sustainability, by setting a score for your shared sustainability requirements and quickly identify which suppliers do your satisfaction. Moreover, it enables to capture the data in your dashboard display - and remember that you can always get to the data directly for further analysis. That's the power of the online platform. We design sustainable production programs to analyze and plan process changes to increase product longevity and limit environmental impacts. We create corporate portals and vendors to formalize sustainable processes, prove compliance, and share relevant data.

Food Fraud Database Solutions

We develop food authentication software solutions to help food fraud detection and avoidance, including forgery, contamination, unregulated fishing, non-compliant practices, illegal or inhuman animal treatment, geographic fraud, fraudulent expiration date, recycled by-product and fill in recycled material. Our software solutions facilitate vulnerability assessment, superior vendor management, and automatic mitigation protocols.

Lot Control Systems

Ncrypted empowers you by providing the best lot tracking software in classes for manufacturing that can help ease load tracking lots for your company. With our manufacturing tracking software, you can be sure your information is available quickly and accurately. We design lot traceability and batch delay software that allow compliance with regulatory and safety standards for food processing and manufacturing. Our custom warehouse management software facilitates the reception process, removed, picking, packing, and shipping for warehouses of all sizes.

Salient Features Of Food Traceability Software

Tracking and Traceability

  • With the integration of this module, user can track the product back to the supplier or to the retailer by a lot or batch.
  • With full forward and backward lot traceability, you’ll have the necessary tools to track, trace, document and report to auditors, customers and regulatory bodies by monitoring materials throughout the production process.

Upstream and Downstream Traceability

  • With the integration of this module, user can track every aspect of manufacturing and inventory management and distribution food-beverage.
  • It allows to track and trace each component that comprise a product from suppliers, through the manufacturing process and eventually to final consumer.

Document Management

  • Within the organization, several standards are input in place to support quality management.
  • Document management module will prevent the large amount of data from becoming a challenge and enhances the engagement between cross functional departments.
  • With the integration of this module, it will provide centralized system where it will be easy to access important documents, related to quality documents.


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