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What Is Food Service Management Software?

Food service management software aids the commercial food businesses by managing their day-to-day operations. These tools can help with smaller scale tasks such as making recipes and inventory management but they can also aid to facilitate large-scale tasks such as business management and pricing. The food service business and those who run operations or kitchens they can use certain food management tools to run their entire business, while others need to add software with additional tools.

Why Your Business Needs Food Service System to Uplift Your Productivity?

Our Food Service System empower you by offering a variety of company level software features and services that help you plan, manage, and manage your production, inventory, and order. Offering quality control highlights, exchange the executives, progressed alerts, work process capacities, plans, edi, measure making, portable warehousing, and that's just the beginning. Our highly advanced Food Service Software supports real-time visibility into all transactions, and convenience with which information can be taken to produce a data model that is truly relational with complete functionality without paper.

Why Choose Ncrypted As Your Food Service Management Service Provider?

We help our clients and partners by providing highly-proficient Food service software solutions, along with configurable design to meet their unique business needs. Moreover, it is integrated with modern IT features such as Compliance, Traceability of all Inventory Material , Specifications of customers without limits matched with shipping, Quality control / guarantee with the properties and parameters that can be set without limits, Full audit trail, All transaction controls, Expanded lot tracking, Business process management, Monitor processes and exceptions, manages the Workflow and approval developed around Business, optimize your Trade Management by managing your Commission, Bill-Back, Royalties, Promos, etc.

Explore Our Varied Software Solutions to Reinvent the Way To Smart Turn Your Business Being A Forerunner

Food Service Ordering Software

We develop special food and beverage service software systems (F & B), can be adjusted for independent business, multi-site, and franchising. We program working administration highlights for self-reservation gateways, upkeep staff planning, asset management and maintenance, staff scheduling, and labor / safety compliance. We integrate food service accounting software and point-of-sale (post) systems with business intelligence machines (BI), reporting modules that verify KPI in graphics and graphics that can be followed up.

Kitchen management software

Kitchen management software enables to manage varied sizes of restaurants, catering business in the food service industry. The comprehensive kitchen intelligence system deals with a few sides of the eatery kitchen tasks including formula the board and costs, allergen data, menu arranging and dietary investigation, stock administration and procurement. All this in one system and with all the information connected smoothly together.

Menu Management Software Solutions

Our Ground-breaking Menu Management Software enables you to set menu items easily with a simple touch interface, route orders to kitchen printers based on the item categories, allow special modifiers in place so that the server can react to the customer requested easily, create, manage several menu categories and menus, Use materials, descriptions, and cooking instructions to help new staff study your menu Fasters, Create and Manage non-food items such as packaged foods, specify instructions and cooking descriptions for each menu item, Set discounts for certain menu items, Hide menu categories for seasonal menus or specific time, Hide out-of-stock menu items, Create a color code menu to highlight, Easily edit orders.

Food Costing Software Development

Food Costing Software manages and evaluates costs for small and medium food businesses. We provide a modern interface that is easy to use for recipes, categorize materials, nutritional labels, allergen tracking, inventory management, recipe cards that can be printed. Moreover, it empowers you to track the price of material based on vendors, availability, seasonal fluctuations, and other factors. Our application analyzes food costs and offers purchase recommendations or automate charging orders.

Food Service Inventory Software

Food Service inventory software provides full control for food service operations by eliminating manual data entry, countless documents and all suspected in determining what foods are in stock. Designed to increase the visibility and control of stock and material, the Inventory system updates the level of your food inventory because the recipe is processed. This allows you to stay in control and on time. And because it is a solution on demand, you can see and control the entire inventory of your food service from anywhere at any time.

Catering Management Software

Catering management solutions save time via computerizing authoritative errands, for example, request the board, statements and installment preparing, while smooth out food creation activities with configurable sheets, occasion layouts, creation reports and that's just the beginning. Features include contact management, email management marketing, venue management, staff management, vendor database management. The features offered through integration are lead automation, credit card processing.

Salient Features Of Food Service Management Software

Food Service Ordering System

  • We develop custom Food and Beverage (F&B) service software systems, customizable for independent, multi-site, and franchise businesses.
  • We program operations management features for self-reservation portals, asset management and maintenance, staff scheduling, and labor/safety compliance.
  • We integrate food service accounting software and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems with Business Intelligence (BI) engines, powering reporting modules that visualize KPIs in actionable charts and graphs.

Kitchen Management Software

  • Our kitchen management software integrates with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), order and task management dashboards, prep/service time management modules, waste tracking logs, and opening/closing checklists.
  • We integrate ERP software systems for streamlining kitchen workflows, coordinating food prep, automating processes, and real time alerts via SMS or email of issues like incomplete deliveries or malfunctioning equipment. We develop systems for specialty F&B establishments such as bars, cafes, and recreation/entertainment venues.

Menu Management Software Solution

  • Our menu management platforms and recipe development software systems include expansive databases for complex nutritional and cost analysis.
  • We configure recipe management systems for specialty restaurants (vegan, farm-to-table), as well as environments like healthcare facilities and schools.
  • Our online menu solutions include rapid updates to restaurant listing/delivery apps and menu item performance analysis.

Food Costing Software Development

  • We program F&B costing applications to save businesses money by tracking ingredient prices by vendor, availability, seasonal fluctuations, and other factors.
  • Our custom apps analyse food costs and offer purchasing recommendations or automate replenishment orders.
  • We integrate with menu planning systems that enable chefs to develop recipes and offerings according to cost restrictions.

Food Service Inventory Software

  • We develop food service inventory systems customizable for the specific supply chain processes of independent restaurants, franchise locations, and caterers, among others.
  • Our software includes custom inventory databases, multi-site data aggregation, smart monitoring systems, waste tracking, and automated rules engines for restocking, expiration date tracking, and menu/recipe scaling.

Catering Management System

  • Our food service software programming solutions for catering and events management apps include online booking portals, calendars integrated with labor and asset planning modules, delivery scheduling and routing maps, customer databases, contract management modules, food costing apps, coordination and communication tools, and marketing material modules.

IoT Commercial Kitchen Solution

  • We interface food service software with IoT and M2M systems including smart kitchen appliances such as smart refrigerators and freezers capable of temperature and moisture tracking, automated inventory control, and automated reporting to audit trails for use in recall investigations.
  • We also integrate with cooking devices (ovens, fryers, sous-vide equipment) with scheduled heating features, operational archives, and performance self-tracking capabilities.

Room Service Software

  • Our hospital and hotel room service software provide the best-in-class service management apps.
  • We integrate patient/bed databases and dietary management software modules for nutritional tracking to avoid food/drug combinations for hospitals.
  • We build food service systems for the hospitality industry, assisted living communities, homeless shelters, hotels, and homebound patient delivery services.


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