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Wonderful Experience

Hello it has been wonderful to work with this company.

It is amazing how attentive and professional they are, and despite living in different countries and speak different languages work has been wonderful.

We recommend it.

Thanks NCrypted Technologies.
Christiane Sachs

Excellent experience

The NCrypted team and I have spent months working together via Skype and Email on a big customized clone project that I have started to launch now using their implemented affiliation system.

After a bad experience with another Indian provider and months of work (and money) lost based on open source difficult to customize and bugging every 5 minutes, I was very suspicious but then got reassured due to Anish's professional and patient attitude.

The project manager, Hitesh, also soon impressed me with his professional, technical and diplomatic capabilities as well as his re-activity in communication during our time working on almost 200 milestones, some of them easy some of them very challenging in terms of coding and implementation. I know there are other developers in the background who helped and I want to thank them as well for their diligence and congratulate them for their technical skills.

The system runs like a clock is very easy to use, simple and beautiful in design and after all I am very pleased and proud of our German-Indian project-venture. I have started the commercial development in Paris where I live but hopefully one day there will be a client base in India as well giving me a reason to come to visit and meet everybody.

Christiane Sachs  |  SquirrelProd

Excellent service!

Special thanks to the project manager, Dhaval and team NCrypted. My project was a long one, and due to a 9 hour time difference between our countries, that made it difficult to communicate, however, though this was a major challenge Dhaval and his team did their best to accommodate me. The price was great as compared to many other web developers. Over all I am completely satisfied with my new website and my experience and I would highly recommend NCrypted to anyone in need of quality service while still working on a budget. Thanks again!

Tristan  |  Bimbuy
Greg Clearwater

Highly Professional

Working with NCrypted has been a positive experience and I am very happy to have chosen them to create my website (  From the first day they have been highly professional and effective in their delivery, from design to launch and also with their suggestions to make some of the functionality better.  I would highly recommend them for their design and development skills; I will be using them for all future additions to my website including the mobile app version that will hopefully be started in early 2016 and rolled out by the end of the year.  

Greg Clearwater  |  Worldwide Meetup Inc.

Outstanding knowledge of website development

Absolutely professional organisation, willing to do whatever it takes to get job done. They demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of website development, project management and scheduling methodologies and relational database applications. The people at NCrypted are truly experts in their field and we strongly recommend them for any complex and difficult project. Yes, Professional, Intelligent, Resourceful and dedicated team players. It is our sincere pleasure to recommend NCrypted for any project where creative approaches, thorough analysis and sound conclusion are required.

Amit Lavy, Founder

So good!

Hi we have gone a long way together and I can say that working with NCrypted on emptyspace is a perfect choice I am happy to have done. The project manager is always positive and dedicated for finding solutions when problems or issues come up. We have new additional tasks and this was done super quick and to high standards as always.

I want to emphasize the humanly comunication that is also very important in my view of bussines and this is a basic start at every contact and comunication with NCrypted. Getting on board was without pressure. I can say that emptyspace is up as a working website and all functions are coresponding very well.

Support (ongoing) was critical and always available. The support team also educated me where I needed to know functions such as the CMS content modules etc.

I believe I will do future bussines with you guys and will definitely keep the positive energy with me. We are proud that emptyspace was brought up by such a trustworthy and professional company with all the nice people on this project.


Amit Lavy, Founder  |  EmptySpace
Eric Snyder

Very Professional

My thanks to NCrypted, the project leader, and his team for the outstanding job with my extensive website developement project. I was very impressed with the NCrypted team's ability to interpret my vision, as well as their skills in bringing it to life. Communication has also been excellent.

Eric Snyder  |
Avax rent a Car

Expeditive and very professional crew

We had opportunity to work with highly professional and supportive team from NCrypted on our new car rental web application. Reliability and on time delivery with continuous support no matter what are praiseworthy.

Avax rent a Car  |  Prizmic d.o.o.
Caesar Fernandes - Founder and CEO

Fantastic work from a progressive company

When I contacted NCrypted to develop my music portal ENGAGE, I wasnt sure what to expect. They impressed me from day one. Right at the start of the project I was given a professional outline on what to expect and when things would be done. The levels of transparency that NCrypted maintained with me are extremely valuable and that confidence and dedication to their work reflected in the results.

NCrypted programmed and built the engine behind the our site's functionality and paid special attention to ensuring the quality of work went out in accordance with my standards. Our site now enjoys global coverage and a fast growing user base of musicians and music lovers alike. 

I am very happy to partner with NCrypted and continue to enjoy a fruitful relationship with them in our ongoing efforst to build the most awesome, inspiring music platform the world has ever seen.

Caesar Fernandes - Founder and CEO  |  ENGAGE Music corp.
Josh Taylor

A human connection!

The one thing I like about NCrypted is their positive, down to earth and personal (human) approach which is unlike other stereo-type corporations. I like it when somebody spends a few hours a day talking to me on phone and online discussing about my projects and this is where I prefer NCrypted over other providers across the globe!

Josh Taylor  |
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