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Hares Nayabkhil (President)

We see a very bright future ahead with NCrypted!

Several months back, almost about a year, we were looking for a software development company either in the United States or India, to take on our payment gateway project, and we stumbled upon your company. We were very hesitant initially, but we ended up signing the agreement. From the get-go, the analysts that were working with us started up professionally, spoken English and communication was flawless, understood what we needed, addressed concerns and started their research & development which took almost a month and a half; after that, everything is as smooth as it should be.

The only challenge is the timezone that is all the way across the world since we have to run our company and after hours we have to communicate with your development team. But, everybody at NCrypted was accommodating and working with our specifications and it just worked out well.

The technologies that we need for either security and efficiency were extensive knowledge of PHP, Perl, MySQL, Javascript etc. and your development team addressed every part of the requirement quite well.

The first project went before or ahead of the schedule and we are definitely going to work with NCrypted for our next projects. We will have a very bright future ahead by partnering with NCrypted.

Hares Nayabkhil (President)  |  Greenlight Payments, Inc. (USA)  |   Watch video testimonial


Kunal Pandya of NCrypted at the International Quality Award Convention

Kunal Pandya, CEO - NCrypted, at the International Quality Convention, London (2012).

BID IQC  |   Watch video testimonial

Kunal Pandya (CEO)

Quality is one of NCrypted's building blocks for website development

Kunal Pandya, CEO of NCrypted, at the International Quality Convention, London (2012) briefing the media on the company's quality practices and how important Total Quality Management (TQM) is for our web industry.

Kunal Pandya (CEO)  |  NCrypted  |   Watch video testimonial

A. Madison

Great work, very professional.

NCrypted has done an excellent job and we will still continue to use them for working on further enhancements and innovative improvements and ideas on my website. Nothing is impossible with NCrypted. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to develop a high quality website, on time, within budget. Great work, very professional.

A. Madison  |   Watch video testimonial

Graham Noble

NCrypted provides stellar web development services

NCrypted provides stellar web design and web development services through hard work, dedication and commitment to honesty. If you are planning on engaging a premier web design company, we would suggest them. The processes are ISO standard and several of the recent awards for quality and commitment to customer satisfaction that they have received were also worth noting when we decided to work with them. When we started the project, we could see this in practice and right from the beginning we knew that we are dealing with the genuine guys. I will highly recommend NCrypted when it comes to high quality web design and software development.

Graham Noble  |  Noble Recruitment Services  |   Watch video testimonial

NCrypted Technologies Clients

NCrypted Client Reviews

We asked some of our clients about their experience with NCrypted. The video is a mixture of different client reviews, client testimonials and client feedback about the products and services engagement that they have with NCrypted.

NCrypted Technologies Clients  |   Watch video testimonial

Faye Miller - Successful Entrepreneur

NCrypted understands our problems and come up with proper solutions!

NCrypted has the capability to understand problems and find proper solutions and this is very critical for small businesses like ours, where you want the best quality website to be developed but have a limited budget to spend on the project. They have designed processes in such a way that the ultimate goal remains in providing quality services and solutions to clients like us rather than the process being a meaningless cumbersome factor.

Faye Miller - Successful Entrepreneur  |   Watch video testimonial

Gregory Shepherd - Author, Philanthropist

Exceed our expectation!

I am more than pleased with the website that NCrypted has created and it really exceed our expectation, particularly because I knew that our project requirement were not pretty much clear when we asked them to start the work, but they were not only ahead of the time by getting the statement of work prepared after a few chat conversations with us, they were fantastic in suggesting alterations and features wherever required, which we would otherwise not have been able to imagine all on our own. Thank you guys and I definitely look forward to work with you again.

Gregory Shepherd - Author, Philanthropist  |   Watch video testimonial

Alexandra Frank - VP (Outsourcing)

Web design solutions by NCrypted helped us gain more ROI

Their web design solutions helped us gain more ROI with our online products. Instead of simply listening to what we want, they came up with suggestions based upon their industry knowledge and experience which was really helpful. Support and communication throughout the project was excellent. We wish to work with NCrypted in all our future projects as long as they continue providing better services. For this project that we did with NCrypted, yes I can say that they really helped transform that part of our business division.

Alexandra Frank - VP (Outsourcing)  |  Gibbs Engineering  |   Watch video testimonial

M Woods - President

Why didn't we find NCrypted before?

We are up and running with our vacation rental website which is highly professional and doesn't look like a me-too clone. People at NCrypted were supportive and understanding of our requirements and went out of the box to suggest and implement customizations that we required for our website on top of what they already have in their product. We wasted our money using a 3rd party script from another company but finally I am happy with this investment with NCrypted. Wow, why didn’t we find you guys before?

M Woods - President  |   Texas Vacation Rentals  |   Watch video testimonial

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Award Winning Processes

Award Winning Processes
BID IQC International Quality Crown Award (2012) awarded to NCrypted Technologies in London
This year’s BID International Quality Crown Convention was hosted in the grandiose city of London. Overlooking the River Thames, professionals and business leaders from 48 countries gathered to recognize each other’s achievements and successes of the year. In particular, the convention celebrated quality in business. A key requirement of being considered for the award is a full commitment to the criteria of the QC100 TQM model, which ensures customer satisfaction and efficient processes at every level of the business.
IQC International Quality Crown AwardQC 100
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