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What is Peer to Peer(P2P) Lending Software?

In this era of digitization and globalization, the progression in innovation has prompted to the creation of many great revolutions. The meteoric rise of P2P lending Software looks set to continue inclination in the near future. The practice of borrowing and lending is as old as the invention of money. Additionally, the concept of funding has evolved significantly over the years, and now, with the aid of advanced technology, one can get funds with just few clicks. Peer-to-peer lending software platform is the phenomenon of lending money online brought about by the advanced platform that connects the borrowers directly with the lenders.

Our Peer to Peer lending software Platform is highly-secured and hassle-free lending system of the future. It enables the lenders and borrowers to collaborate for lending or borrowing the amount of money. We develop highly-scalable and robust alternative finance solutions that is used to track the real time investments. Unlike conventional lending processes, where intermediaries like, underwriters, loan officers, banks and loan processors are involved, P2P lending Software eliminates all the intermediaries. It in return, can connect borrowers and lenders quickly within the single platform.

Why Choose Us for P2P Software Development?

We at Ncrypted, being renowned for peer to peer lending Software development strives to provide a complete exclusive range of lending software backed by the efficient technology. With our profound expertise we develop our customer-centric approach to build the software that alleviate potential cybersecurity risks, and its instinctual business analytics engine enables to lend a 360-degree view of the platform and can continuously upgrade your business to the cutting-edge industry standards.

Our Dominance as a P2P Software Provider

Alternative Finance Software Solution

We build superior software platform and high-end tools for alternative finance technologies. Furthermore, we can help you to meet the funding needs of any company from the start-ups to large enterprises. It empowers to streamline the fund allocation including marketplace lending, Online Platform-based Business (OPB) lending, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, crowdfunding, invoice trading, and more. Moreover, it enables to gain the greater transparency regarding your assets.

Crowdfunding Software

We engineer full-fledge, user-friendly Crowdfunding website accordingly the custom needs and niche. Moreover, we build the Crowdfunding Software for Donation, Reward, Equity, Real-estate funding and Lending- based software. That is integrated with the highly scalable features including video pitch support, investment tracking, social networking tools, ID verification, Document management, User-friendly Know-Your-Customer (KYC) modules, and e-signatures.

OPB Business Lending Software

Online Platform Based Business or OPB is defined as the loans that are granted to the businesses that provide a sum amount in exchange for a share of the future transactions. Our OPB Business Lending Software enables to keep the track of the repayments to ensure that the procedure is secured, reliable and quick. Additionally, we facilitate with advanced features such as integrated funds transfer, accounts modules, access controls, and the management of portfolio.

Loan Origination Solutions

Ncrypted’s Loan Origination Solution has been a savant in the industry that empowers to automate the manual tasks, and streamline time and assets needed for daily operations with website and desktop application. It optimizes and manage the entire cycle from loan initiating fraud detection, underwriting and servicing up till the approvals. We don’t sit around the side-lines, the resolution that we deliver is efficiently integrated and automatically fetch the data without any hindrance.

Loan Proposal Listing

The Loan Proposal listing solution enables the Lender to view the list by considering varied factors such as amount of sum to borrow, the purpose of loan intake, equity investments, how the loan will repay or the loan repayment method, and the duration of loan.

Loan Management Module

Our superior loan management system(LMS) automates the key processes. It empowers the multiple facets of the Loan portfolio initiating from prospecting to the closure and monitoring to enhance the activity, competency, transparency, and efficiency of the lending solutions. It has advanced features such as alert management, Credit Monitoring activity, Repayment Schedule, Funded and Non-Funded Limit management and more. Additionally, it is integrated with customized dashboard to view loans, Personal information of investors or beneficiaries and payments.

Payment Lending Software Solution

We develop Payment software empower you with a robust and highly scalable lending solution to track the payments and advanced repayment solutions, from managing payment cards and Digital Wallet, cardholder transactions settlement including direct debit, mobile-wallet development, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and integrated with third-party payment solutions.

Credit Analytics Solutions

Ncrypted enable to deliver an advanced Credit Analytics Solution for efficient along with accurate client analysis and a more complete profile. That in return empowers you to view the credit score of an individual that explains the trustworthiness an individual’s financial commitment. This will help the investor to take a decision to lend the money or not.


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