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What Is Invoicing Software?

Invoicing is the process of getting information to draft invoices, creating invoices, and issuing them to customers. It also keeps track of payments made. All businesses need an invoicing process. It is difficult to manage the process manually or through ad hoc tools. A proper invoice document will have many data elements - invoice number, details of product or service provided, date invoice was sent and date when the product was delivered or service rendered. Apart from this, the process also needs buyer contact information, payment due date, amount, breakdown of total cost into line items, It is better to have a system in place to take care of the data as compared to a manual system. Invoicing software or billing software programs are tools that automate the invoicing process. They generate invoices and provide a host of features such that the business workflow is automated. They aim is to make the invoicing process simpler and more efficient.

Key Features of Invoicing Applications

Invoicing applications encompass many functions -

Invoice Creation

The invoicing application manages the creation and update of invoices automatically. The user can configure the type of template, customer information and invoicing data such as date, order details and payable amount to be added. The invoice will be created and stored in the database Invoicing programs will provide for display, print, edit and export of invoices and related data.

Customer Information Management

The software allows you to manage customer information, summarize their order history, payment history, etc. All key data elements will be stored in a single, centralized database. There will be features for searching and filtering of records for ease of access.

Availability of Templates

Different customers need different kinds of templates. You can configure templates based on the information you want to have in the invoice. The invoice can be personalized or branded so that you can maintain standard communication with clients.

Different Modes of Payment

Invoicing software will allow multiple payment options such as credit cards, cash, bank transfer, and online payments. Customers will be allowed to pay as per their preference leading to better convenience for them.

Payment Reminders

Invoicing solutions makes it easier to track unpaid and past due invoices. They have features to calculate and charge interest on overdue invoices. This feature will allow you to set up automatic, customizable payment reminders for different customers. They can be scheduled to be sent at different times as per the payment due date of each customer.

Complete Workflow

Invoicing software enable to set up the complete invoicing workflows from issuing bills, accepting payments, recording payments, issue of receipts, managing taxes and map transactions to the larger financial software. All transaction data gets stored and can be used in other workflows and for generating reports and dashboards. Your system and records will be updated and you can prevent issues related to administrative efficiency and non-compliance.

Multi-currency billing

Most businesses have global operations. Different customers pay using different currencies. In the long run, customers will remember those who provided good service. The invoicing software will allow to record transactions in multiple currencies and also take care of exchange rates, taxes and other documentation needs as per intra-country transactions.

Why Do You Need Invoicing Software

Invoicing software facilitates electronic invoicing. This eliminates paper-based billing processes and manual effort. This leads to numerous advantages -

Create invoices faster

A system can create invoices based on different templates and configurations much faster than a human can do. This saves time and effort. The invoices are generated, saved and dispatched as required. Online invoicing systems can generate invoices on the go.

Accurate Invoicing

Once the system is properly installed and all input data is accurate, the system will generate invoices that are completely correct. The data in the invoice such as invoice number, customer data, order information, pricing, the total amount due, etc. will be accurate. There are chances of errors, miscalculations and dated information in a manual system.

Efficient Operations

Productivity is improved as the invoicing process is standardized and automated. Employees can utilize their time and effort in more rewarding tasks or in better decision making. Information is visible and available in different formats and based on multiple parameters. This improves working capital management and cash flow control.

Integration with other systems

Invoicing platforms can integrate with all other systems in an organization such as financial software, accounting system, CRM software, and inventory applications. Thus there is one comprehensive integrated system that can maintain data integrity, data accuracy and timeliness of data. This will also help in data sharing between applications leading to better reporting and analytics. An invoicing solution can even connect directly to e-commerce platforms and shopping carts to integrate with sales transactions.

Better Relationship With Customers

With invoicing software, your bills will be accurate and timely. They will be standardized. Customers will be satisfied with regular processes and correct invoices. This will lead to better customer relations.

Invoicing Software By NCrypted

We design and develop comprehensive invoicing software solutions that will modernize your workflows and enhance efficiency. We have the experience and expertise to understand invoicing process flows across industries and develop custom applications that can take care of the entire process. Our invoicing solutions aim to -

  • Reduce invoice processing costs.
  • Limit errors in the invoicing workflow.
  • Maintain a professional image amongst clients and third parties.
  • Streamline your business processes.


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