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What Is Billing Software?

Billing is an important function for all businesses. Billing involves collecting information such as resources and time used to provide products/services, creating invoices and sending them to customers. All businesses, big or small, require an efficient billing process in place. The process involves many sub-functions and is a mechanical operation.

Billing software automates the billing process. A suitable automated billing solution allows you to effectively manage the various functions of billing so that a minimum amount of time, effort and money is involved. It will simplify the billing process and allow you to focus on your core business. A billing software can assist in different ways -

  • Collate information to draft invoices
  • Create invoices
  • Issue invoices to customers
  • Track paid and unpaid invoices
  • Provide critical business-related information

Key Features of Our Billing Application

Billing applications encompass various functions of the invoicing process under one umbrella so that you can do away with any manual processes or disparate tools such as Excel files, PDF documents, and reminder applications. The fundamental functions of NCrypted’s billing software are -

Invoice Customization

Businesses, professionals and freelancers, etc. require billing software. Each of them has their own requirements on how the invoice should look and the data to be contained in it. Our billing software provides different billing templates with options for including customer information, rate, task information, material information, total amount, etc. The billing template allows the user to customize colours, logo, and branding.

Bill Creation

The invoicing application manages the creation and update of invoices automatically. The user can configure the type of template, customer information and invoicing data such as date, order details and payable amount to be added. The invoice will be created and stored in the database Our solution provides for display, print, edit and export of invoices and related data.

Billing Cycle Automation

The software automates the entire billing cycle. This means the software manages all the tasks involved in billing automatically -

  • Get client information from the database.
  • Summarize the order information
  • Calculate unit price, total order amount, discounts and taxes applicable
  • Schedule invoice to be sent either automatically or via online manual intervention
  • Configure alerts for unpaid bills, payment reminders, etc.
  • Save billing information in a centralized database
  • Automatic update or records to improve administrative efficiency, reduce data redundancy and data errors and ensure compliance.

Different Modes of Payment

Our automated billing solution accepts different payment options and payment in different currencies. Customers are given options for direct debit, online payment, cash payment, credit card payment and bank-to-bank transfers. They can use more than one payment option.

Sales Reporting

The billing software has features for reporting and analysis. The business will get a holistic view and a detailed view of key information. It provides dashboards for business insights. There are features for the customization of dashboards and reports. Users can distribute reports via email or through the system by giving access to other users. Reports can be printed in a variety of formats. Data can be converted into .csv files or .txt files to send to third party systems as well.

Security and Authorization

The system contains sensitive information such as customer details and pricing information. It also accepts online payments and credit card payments. Therefore we have the requisite security features to ensure data is not compromised. The billing system has suitable authorization and authentication features. Users are authorized to access information based on rights and roles. You can configure rights and roles for different user roles. There can be a hierarchy of users (Super administrator, administrator, manager, team member, etc.) based on access privileges. Users can access the application only with valid credentials.

Mobile Invoicing

Our billing software provides the facility to create and send invoices from a mobile or a handheld device thus boosting the efficiency of your billing process. You can manage your business on-the-go. Online invoicing is available so that you can sync information across devices. It will allow you to work from anywhere and communicate and respond to customers 24x7.

How Does A Billing Software Benefit My Business?

An efficiently designed and developed billing application will modernize your billing process such that it is powerful and productive. It will provide you numerous benefits -

  • Track bill payment so that you can keep a tab on your revenue and therefore profits.
  • Schedule recurring invoices so that repetitive tasks are automated and you can focus on core business processes.
  • Give integral information via charts and dashboards so you are up-to-date on your business and can extract meaningful insights.
  • Bill reconciliation will give you an accurate idea of your cash flow which can be used to manage operations and accounting.
  • Automated invoice payment reminders and pre-configured emails can be sent to customers so that you can gently nudge your customers to pay and also ensure that you get paid in full and faster. Clients do not feel the pressure of face-to-face or telephonic reminders and at the same time are obliged to make payments. Customer relationships are maintained better.

NCrypted can design and develop a comprehensive billing software solution for your business that will eliminate the traditional billing process and its problems and replace it with a highly efficient and fully automated billing workflow.


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