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What is Asset Tracking Software?

Maintaining the visibility on the physical asset for the whole time is crucial to keep your organization smoothly operated with zero bumps. We build Fully-featured Asset tracking software solutions that are specific to your business needs, logistics, processes regarding the employee and assets so you can reduce the downtime, decline with loss, and increase the profits.

Get comprehensive, efficient up-to-date records in an era of unprecedented telecommuting. Asset Tracking Software enables to streamline in-depth and configurable records that aid in full visibility, smarter decisions, and faster repairs.

Why Your Business Needs Our Easy-to-Use Asset Tracking Software?

Spent too much time tracking assets? Our Asset Tracking Software enables you to manage- Anything and Everything Anywhere Just in a Go. We empower your business with one-view solution so, you can stay on the top. Along with the pre-built advanced reports, you can streamline and manage the status, allocation, condition of the assets that in return zero down the risk. Moreover, it is complex to manually add the new entries and update the change in the old ones it not only becomes critical but also challenging. Additionally, it automatically scans, discovers, manages your assets but also updates every time there’s a change.

To prevent issues, asset management remains at the forefront of all business management plans. A well-organized business far more likely to be much productive, and this goes for everyone – initiating from small businesses till huge enterprises!

Why Choose Ncrypted For Your Best-in-Industry Asset Tracking Solution?

NCrypted empowers Fully-functional Asset Tracking Software to get rid of the common legacy methods. We implement the modern IT Technological Solutions that in return aids the organization optimally to manage the assets. Moreover, the traceability of the assets enables valuable inputs regarding optimization and operations. Additionally, it enables everyone on the one board to eliminate the endless spreadsheets and email chains, expedite checkouts, speed up the workflows, and conduct the full-equipment audits.

We Automate and Modernize Asset tracking by providing-

  • Tool Tracking- We empower to standardize the procedures and incline the efficiency regarding the tool access and management process.
  • Funding Management- Our system enables to manage and monitor the awarded funds in a profound manner.
  • Facility Management- Managing the enormous amount of assets physically is time-consuming. In a better way, we empower you to manage the hassle away by providing automation of the process.
  • Asset Life Cycle management- We build the systems that empower you to manage the whole life cycle of the asset and provide accurate insights with a centralized system that in return turns out an ease for making strategic decisions for the organization.

Take back control of your assets with our superior Asset Tracking Software solutions

Fixed Asset Tracking Software

We develop customized Fixed Asset Tracking Software Development tailored to you. It enables feature-rich asset management to track the fixed assets, interactive maps to know with whom it is, cost-effective audit trails, customized fields, tagging of photos, and advanced reporting tools to increase productivity.

IT Asset Tracking Software

Our IT Asset Tracking Software empowers the Centralized visibility, streamline the audit practically eliminate the errors, electronic records enable to categorize the assets of the organization, it enables in reallocating underutilized resources. Moreover, software for check-in or out barcode scanning, Fully-functional GPS Tracking for monitoring the asset in the field, advanced RFID Tracking solutions. That can integrate with laptops, mobile devices, servers, and more.

Mobile Asset Management Software

We build native iOS along with Android cross-stage portable applications integrated with GPS- Asset tracking map, scanners amalgamated with cameras. We can likewise program customized notifications to the users, when they are about to reach close by the assets or when the asset is relocated without the permissions.

GPS Tracking Software

Our versatile and rugged GPS tracking software enables you to view, monitor, manage, and track in real-time the location of each and every asset within your fleet. The powerful mapping enables you to set a geofence boundary around the key locations. Additionally, this software can be deployed as a standalone platform or a part of the Mobile Asset Management Software. We deliver advanced mapping and navigation user-based access controls for IoT devices.

RFID Tracking Software

We engineer RFID Tracking Software that eliminates the need for non-contact, aids to simplify the process of managing the assets line-of-sight scanning. It also enables you to read multiple tags at a glance, helps in quick audits, increases efficiency and performance. Our System is integrated with custom dashboards, central databases, embedded scanners, tag printers, and mobile scanning apps.

Barcode Software Solutions

We build custom barcode tracking software that is Scale up to fit your needs including real-time database frameworks, cell phone filtering applications, and implanted barcode scanners as well as tag scanner programming. Moreover, we create industry-explicit check-in/check-out systems for varied organizations.

Salient Features Of Asset Tracking Software

Fixed Asset Tracking

  • Our custom asset tracking systems include asset directories with customizable fields, photo tagging, audit trail modules, interactive maps, and reporting tools.
  • We implement new systems and integrate asset tracking system modules into legacy facility management platforms.
  • We've programmed systems using most popular database management systems (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL).

Mobile Asset Management System

  • We build native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform mobile apps with GPS-powered asset tracking maps, camera scanners, and full database functionality.
  • We can also program custom notifications to alert users when assets they are searching for are nearby or when an asset is relocated without proper permissions.

RFID Technology Solution

  • We build on-premises and cloud-based RFID tracking software, including central databases, custom dashboards, embedded scanner and tag printer tech and mobile scanning apps.
  • Our systems facilitate short and long-range RFID scanners and antennae that update asset locations in real time.

IT Asset Tracking

  • We develop custom IT asset tracking software for check-in/check-out barcode scanning, single- or multi-facility RFID tracking, and GPS systems for tracking assets in the field.
  • Easily integrated into technology assets like hard drives, solid-state drives, laptops, mobile devices (tablets and phones), computer accessories (cameras, mice, keyboards), servers, video equipment and more.

GPS Asset Tracking

  • Custom GPS-based asset tracking software can be deployed as either standalone platforms or as part of a mobile field service app or Supply Chain Management (SCM) system.
  • We integrate powerful mapping and navigation software, as well as geo-fencing and user-based access controls for IoT devices.

Barcode Software Solution

  • We develop custom barcode asset tracking software, including real-time database systems, mobile phone scanning apps and embedded barcode scanner software.
  • We build industry-specific check-in/check-out systems for tracking assets in healthcare settings, warehouses, government facilities and more.


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