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What is System Integration Services?

As a business grows in size and capabilities, numerous software products, SaaS applications, and cloud services get added in its IT ecosystem. These systems may not deliver optimum results if they are disparate or disconnected from each other. For example, a business has a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system that records sales transactions and another product to generate invoices. If there is no alignment, the invoicing application will not have access to real-time order data. A system integrator will ensure that both systems have relevant information to execute workflows. Point-to-point integration will be sufficient if there are a few different IT products. But as the number of applications increases, more connections are added. It also becomes complex to implement additional connections beyond a point. Apart from that, point-to-point integration leads to systems being tightly coupled. This can reduce efficiency. Modifications to code for integration become complex and mistakes can break the entire system. Therefore it makes business sense to implement system integration services. They can provide seamless connectivity between different IT applications so that business processes are consistent.

Benefits of System Integration Services

Real-time visibility

The top management needs concurrent visibility across processes. Different teams in the organization require reports on performance to understand the current scenario and plan for the future. If systems are disconnected, the organization will not be well-informed or updated to take the right decisions. Employees will have to spend time and effort on collating data from different applications and generating reports. This impedes them from doing their core tasks. System integration ensures that timely, concurrent and accurate data is available so that the organization can make critical decisions without wasting time and effort.

Easier Administration of IT Landscape

As the IT landscape grows in size and complexity, an increasing amount of resources is required to manage it efficiently. Software integration services provide solutions such that the integration team can use a single system to manage all applications. This will reduce administration overheads. The team members will spend less time and effort in learning and collaboration.

Better Efficiency

If your systems are siloed, employees will be wasting time on data entry, manual search of data, etc. Managers will have to sift through megabytes of data before getting requisite reports. Such tasks make the team tired and bored. This leads to a negative impact on their productivity. With complete system integration, they can get a better view of the data, complete their processes effectively and also be geared up to meet new challenges. It increases employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Reduced Cost

As employees become more productive, the cost of operations decreases. Employees can focus on important tasks that are core to business processes which keeps them motivated. This reduces absenteeism and lower productivity leading to reduced costs. You need not hire more employees to take care of routine tasks that happen automatically through software integration services.

Potential for more growth and increased revenue

A business runs an online marketing campaign and integrates it with a social media management tool. The integration will be able to see how people perceive the marketing campaign as it can see the clicks, mentions, shares, etc. The company can then tweak the marketing campaign or connect with users who they think can be converted to buyers. If there is a system integration service in place, a business can expand to multiple locations or add new sales channels easily. This is because data is unified and business processes are coordinated. Such actions provide the business with the potential for maximizing growth and revenue.

Features Of NCrypted’s Software Integration Services

Our goal is to get your IT systems to communicate and collaborate through our system integration services. We deliver solutions that accelerate your information flows and reduce your operational costs -

Different types of Integration

We offer different kinds of integration methods -

Horizontal Integration - When the applications are many and complex in nature, an integration system is implemented so that various applications can connect via code.

Common Data Format Integration - It will be beneficial for an integrated system to have the same data format. In this method, a common data format is established for data storage and data transformation. This removes the need for translation of data each time it is transported between systems. We provide integration solutions using state-of-the-art platforms such as Azure and Boomi.


Our system integration service will be implemented such that it will be future-ready. It will be able to integrate additional users and additional systems with minimum effort and cost. This is possible as we maximize the usage of hardware and use load balancing. Our enterprise application integration service will ensure interoperability between business-critical applications is smooth.

Change Management and System Upgrade

Our integration solution will be flexible to incorporate changes to workflows and data formats. We work on industry-standard protocols such as REST for integration. Your business might want to extend IT services to mobile devices. We can generate Rest APIs so that the mobile application is integrated with the backend. We use enterprise-wide Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) so that the same business logic interface is used by different technical applications. Newer releases and system upgrades can easily be incorporated without any downtime.

Non-aligned business systems and processes can lead to increased costs, inefficiencies and inability of employees to work effectively. Our system integration services will allow you to increase the efficiency in your process and maximize return on your IT investment by integrating in-house applications among themselves and with third-party systems.


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