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What is Transportation Management System?

Ncrypted’s highly-advanced optimization algorithms, modern IT machine learning and simple yet intuitive user interface aids the world’s leading transportation providers to deliver efficient service as well as maximize the user satisfaction, while minimizing the operational costs. Our transportation management solutions are a subset of supply chain management efficiently encapsulated along with the high-end enterprise resource planning (ERP). Public Transportation Software facilitates you by monitoring the shipping, logistics, minimize the operational costs, optimize the real-time visibility of the supply chain for manufacturers, third-party logistics (3PL) companies, distributors, e-commerce, retailers and more.

Why Your Business Needs Our Ground-Breaking Transport Management Software to lead the Tech Trends?

Ncrypted’s Transport management software plays focal centre role in supply chains, that affects each part of the process initiating from the planning and procurement till the lifecycle of the logistics. Moreover, it empowers you with the deep visibility backed by a modern IT system that results highly efficient transportation planning along with the execution, that leads in higher customer satisfaction. That, in turn, leads to the upliftment of the sales, empowering your businesses to grow. Transport management systems enables you to successfully navigate through the complicated day-to-day processes around compliance as well as the trade policies.

Why Ncrypted’s Transport Management Software Solutions are Superior Than Others?

Our user-friendly Transport Management solutions enables you to schedule as well as plan at same time. Ncrypted’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is intended to work across your multi modular vehicle arrange and deal with all your key cycles. This covers shipment request the board, arranging the request dependent on VSRC (Vehicle, Schedule, Routes and Constraints), load Planning, load solidification, transporter choice, execution, documentation and charging. Our proficient TMS is similarly and profoundly capable in coordinating purchase and offer sides of the coordination tasks to guarantee and continue greatest productivity and administration levels.

Our Wide Range of Transport Management Software (TMS) to Lead the Market Industry

Public Transportation Software

Our transportation management system (TMS) aids the companies to move the freight from origin to destination with higher efficiency, reliability, and cost-effective manner. Moreover, The TMS processes include monitoring and managing inbound or outbound, domestically or internationally transportation of freight. Our Industry winning TMS achieves higher efficiency based on the advanced analytics, enforcement and optimization.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We plan business intelligence frameworks that arrange with public transportation telematics programming to guarantee guideline consistence and track constant area, speed, mileage, moving stock and fuel utilization. Information is effectively perceptible through MDT interfaces planned with consistent UI.

Consignment Management Software

The security of your assets and transfer is the primary goal of Ncrypted Technologies. We ensure that your management as well as streamlining the consignment, by overseeing whether sent securely, conveyed in the perfect condition. so, you don't confront any burden. Our functional Transportation Management System guarantees consistent monitoring with our high level global positioning framework, we generally watch out for booking, stockpiling, and dispatching of your consignment.

Route Optimization Software

By coordinating transportation routing programs and transport management software, you can monitor the traffic and accident. Along with the report software’s, we create public transportation booking programming and diminish perilous travel. Additionally, advanced reports are produced and imparted to dispatchers, course facilitators, and managers.

Transportation Mapping Software

Along With the GIS, GPS track as well as coordinate your staff by keeping your customers updated, in a efficient and cost-effective approach to discover the high-end possibilities of route optimization software. Ncrypted’s Transportation mapping software turns your data more accessible to improve traveler capacity efficiency.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

Our Dispatch Software enables to smooth out office work, their methods for correspondence, their information assortment strategies and their scheduling and planning systems. To accomplish these administration objectives, a solitary source programming arrangement is required, one that is adaptable and intuitive. Moreover, it enables to access the data, optimize the communication, deliver complete operational insights and more.

Fare Collection System Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) programming and fare collection system plans are coordinated with Point-of-Sale (POS) frameworks for automatic collection of fares. Highlights, for example, ideal transit fare calculators encapsulated with custom pricing strategy software that maximize the ancillary revenue as well as reward the loyalty for public transportation rider.

Payroll System

Our Employee payroll management enables you to prevent from the huge blunders. This is the reason that you should invest in advanced payroll management software before thinking twice. In addition to this, our payroll management software delivers end-to-end payroll services cutdown a lot of time for other business operations. All the evaluations can be done automatically avoiding any disappointment.


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