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What is Brick and Mortar Retail Solution?

As consumers are inclined towards the online shopping experiences, it is a critical time for brick-and-mortar stores. They need to reshape their business strategies accordingly modern demands. With our Brick and Mortal Retail Management Software there is no need to invest the energy on manual errands, for example, tallying stock, checking item valuing or enlisting restores, it's anything but difficult to dismiss the client's requirements. Ncrypted’s ground-breaking Brick and Mortal Retail Software aids the organizations by smoothing out the main retail measures, streamline the process, order as well as return management and more.

Why to Kickstart with our Brick-and-Mortar Retail Solution?

Along with the amalgamation of modern IT techniques and the latest technology, we serve the retail industry with our uniquely designed Brick and Mortar Retail Software delivering the flawless and secure management of the processes. Moreover, it enables the bird-eye watch on the stores, warehouses and outlets. Additionally, you can get actionable analytics, Automated inventory management, optimize the workflows, lends unprecedented control over your business, eliminates the manual operations and more.

How Our Retail Software aids brick-and-mortar stores to thrive in the digital world?

The Digitization is exploding onto the global arena. Ncrypted’s Brick and Mortar Retail Solutions empower you to efficiently track the sales, inventories, workflows, providing retail POS Solutions, integrated with ERP and MRP, HCM software to evaluate the performance, creating schedules, accurate accounting, warehouse management, management of logistics and more. The future of retail solutions is rapidly shifting towards the digital direction. Planning with modern technology will help you as a critical factor for your retail survival in cut-throat market competition and to remain on the top.

Our Ground-Breaking Retail Solutions Driving the Rebirth of Brick and Mortar Stores

Brick and Mortar Retail Software

Our Brick and Mortar Retail Software is one-stop solution as well as a dynamic tool for managing and monitoring for improved efficiency, expanded payment capabilities, seamless inventory management, tracking of employee performance, ease off the checkout process, high-end Stock transferring features for efficiently maintaining the stocks. Moreover, Our Brick and Mortar Retail Solutions are one of the powerful marketing weapon to lend your retail business the much-needed edge over its competitors.

Retail POS System Solutions

We deliver Brick and Mortar Retail POS solutions, including the custom sales register software for customary, high-end touch screens, and different frameworks with POS answers for credit or debit cards/armada cards, electronic balance transfer (EBT), checks, portable installments, mobile payments, reward cards, and electronic instalments all with one click and one platform.

Brick and Mortar Analytics

Get actionable high-end Analytics about the metrics related to the retail business. Additionally, empowers with insights into KPI’s and help to take data-driven actions to cater the strategies that are necessary to surpass the business goals. Moreover, we create business knowledge (BI) as well as high-end data warehousing software to integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), deals following, and stock administration frameworks, permitting custom report and more.

Retail Inventory Software

Our Retail Inventory Management Software is a powerful tool that is designed to give your workforce the tools they require to successfully as well as quickly update the inventory levels with minimal errors, while at the same time delivering clean data to make strategic decisions related to the business. Moreover, it enables to track stock counts within a store or in- outside the 3PL warehouses.

Logistics Management Software

Our developers optimized the last mile delivery and reverse logistics the executives programming arrangements incorporated with third party APIs such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS. Moreover, we deliver custom Logistics Management software, fit to your business needs.

Retail ERP Software Integration

We coordinate ERP and MRP applications to guarantee total operational oversight and tracing at the times of buying, managing the order request, monitoring the stock, managing the warehouse, advanced accounting, managing the multi-store, and management of the franchise.

Brick and Mortar HCM Services

We create and coordinate HCM (Human Capital Management) Software programming for tracking and evaluating the performances of the employees, make business plans, tracking the check in or out timings, in addition to arrange as well as manage the finance or the payroll. Additionally, it modernizes the traditional administrative duties by simplifying and streamlining your overall business operations.

Space Management Software

Our Space management software is an advanced digital platform that simplifies the space planning. Moreover, it integrates all the floor plans into a single, interactive as well as comprehensive display. This enables you to create plans or map. Along with the feature of moving with the drag and drop functionality and gain key insights regarding your warehouse. Additionally, it helps in way-finding, tracking product locations and more.


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