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What Is API Integration ?

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows enterprise systems to interact with each other. API integration services are communication protocols over which data can be shared and functionality can be leveraged. Business systems cannot operate in isolation. They need to integrate seamlessly with other internal and external systems to align business processes and make informed business decisions.

How Can API Services Help Business ?

Changing customer demands, 24x7 availability, expectations of enhanced business agility, strict compliance requirements are some of the factors that bring increased complexity to business operations. Businesses can use API integration services to leverage data and functionality to achieve their business goals -

Streamline Internal Operations

APIs provide connections between different systems. Different applications can communicate directly with each other, thus lowering the need for human intervention. Repetitive tasks and standard processes can be completed using API integration. FOr example, customer support representatives can get information about a customer and related transactions with minimum effort before resolving issues easily. They need not access another system or type in commands.

Improve interconnectivity among enterprise systems and with third party applications

Multiple data sources and systems provide data and functionality for giving the right experience to the end user. APIs ensure that systems interact with one another and with third party applications so that the needs of the end user are fulfilled. For example, many websites offer sign up options through social media accounts such as Facebook or Google+. This is possible due to API integration

Manage Compliance Requirements

API integration services are the most cost effective way to ensure business processes follow regulatory compliance. For example, there are stringent regulations on secure data transmission and storage. Companies can use APIs to safely and securely access data and provide access to company data.

Provide better developer and end user experiences

Developers can work with third party APIs to build applications suited to their organization/ project requirements. In some cases, the company exposes its APIs to external developers who then build products that support the business. Lastly, APIs are also sold along with the software application or product. The client can use the API to build his own integrations.

Our API Solution Offerings

We build communication channels through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We also manage them across their lifecycle. Here are some of the solutions that we offer in API integration services -

Custom API Integration

New applications are developed or software products are implemented to cater to updated business requirements. They have to connect to legacy systems to contribute effectively to the business. We provide you with the right API integration tools that enable you to connect enterprise systems and leverage data and functionality so that you reap value from your IT investments.

API Services Implementation

We have the expertise and experience to set up APIs across devices, operating systems, web applications, web services, and databases. mobile, We can implement APIs so that you solve issues related to data sharing, communication, access authorization, and logical workflows across enterprise applications.

Cloud-Based Integration

Our team can design and develop cloud-based API integrations. A cloud API interacts with a cloud infrastructure to manage computing power, space, and network resources for requested cloud applications or services.

Payment Gateways

We develop payment gateway APIs for popular payment gateways. This will allow your business to handle multiple payment options, various payment methods and different kinds of currencies. Customers will be happy with the flexibility with the payment options. You will not have barriers to the sales process. The API that lies between the payment gateway and your system provides real-time information on customer behavior. You can use this valuable data to get insight into your processes and also guide your business actions.

Integration with Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. We provide API services so that your applications can connect with social media websites and leverage the market and customer data shared. We use the Social Network API to get some data on users, posts or create user functionality on social media websites. This will give you the potential to enhance application engagement and customer retention.

Integration For Project Management

Many companies use popular tools like JIRA and Trello to manage projects. These tools are used to manage tasks and share data. We can develop APIs so that internal systems can connect to these applications and share data and functions or APIs for an optimized business workflow.

What Are The Characteristics of An Effective API?

In today’s hyper connected world, it is not possible to operate in a silo. API integration services are an effective, controlled, and secure way for companies to integrate data or services from a business into their own business processes and IT applications. We at NCrypted understand the need for integration between various systems. We can work together with you to build and implement APIs that automate tasks and leverage data and functions so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

  • A good API is important for developers and end users. If the API is effective, other developers will build on it. It will provide you with functionality requested for. An effective API can be defined by the below mentioned traits -
  • The API has to be secure. Authorization checks must be made when an application is accessing the API. IT should request for authentication information as well. The API should be able to handle injection bugs. It should be able to avoid access to sensitive data without relevant permissions.
  • APIs should adhere to standards like HTTP and REST so that they are developer-friendly and easily understood.
  • API should be able to report and display errors clearly. It should also describe the reason for the error. This will help developers to complete their tasks thoroughly.
  • The API should provide solid documentation that programmers can use to develop effective applications.
  • The APIs should follow a versioning system.


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