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It is a great pleasure to write a few sentences about working with NCRYPTED. For our company, I have been looking for web developers and mobile apps for our new project, which we will run in the Czech Republic and gradually in other destinations. That's why I approached several software companies in the Czech Republic. Because their offers were not interesting to us for delivery in just a few months. That's why I started looking for suppliers abroad. Finally, I decided for NCRYPTED. As the only company I was able to prepare a detailed workflow and a fair price offer within a short time. Although there is a lot of distance between our small country and India and I have a little worried about the language barrier, yet I was convinced that it is the right way to assign the application development to NCRYPTED. Also, in my decision, great review was of great importance, which I spent several days browsing through various Internet sources.
In the first phase of our collaboration, I was in contact with Mr. Karan, who professionally prepared my project colleagues with my colleagues and assigned a team of co-workers to take care of the project. I would like to mention Mr. Ravi the web developer and Mr. Chirayu app developer. Since the start of the project, Miss Farhin has been very friendly to me, with whom I am in touch every day and we deal with details, test new features and develop new features that will be developed in future releases. Farhin is a very professional and experienced project manager who always brings every detail into reality.
Today I can say that I am very happy to have started working with NCRYPTED even though there is so much distance between us and the language barrier. People at Ncrypted are professionals and I will be very happy to work with them on other projects. I believe and I will look forward to seeing this company once and I personally know the people I work with. Big thanks!

Eda Babor

Satisfied with what I got from NCrypted!

Ncrypted delivered what was required on a quick time frame. The customer service was quite good. I could not ask for much more. Altogether, it was a better experience than I expected.
Are they 100% perfect? No. But no software development company is. 
If all my service providers were as professional as Ncrypted, I would be a happier person.

Ashish Bhatt

Thank you for your service

It can be scary to employ a company that you cannot physically visit. But like any good relationship, it takes trust and patients. 
Rushit, at NCrypted, is awesome! He was easy to work with and answered all my questions. He was available by email and Skype calls.
We had to integrate a new payment gateway, WePay, because the "out of the box" PayPal gateway was not going to work for our fundraising needs. The end result looks great and functions great!
I am very happy with the project and relationship that was built!
Thank you!

Anthony Weiss

The support was excellent!

The support was excellent. This is a superior web development service and all bugs/concerns were swiftly handled in a professional manner. I especially recommend Farhin, as she is a tremendously helpful website manager & technician. Thank you much.


Great experience working with NCrypted

Great experience working with NCrypted. They delivered the requested product with changes within the agreed time frame and with good quality. Thank you also for understanding our needs and making the necessary changes along the road to make sure the end result is the desired one.

Daniel Zaharia

NCrypted was an amazing company to develop my website!

NCrypted was an amazing company to work with for building our website. They were very attentive to detail and the response time was awesome! I would highly recommend using NCrypted as they saved us thousands!

Scott Harkness

My experience with NCrypted has been professional

I collaborated with NCrypted and found them to be professional in their work.They did deliver the product with desired quality and with fewer turnarounds.

Febin H

Exceptional value for money!!

I have had an excellent experience working with Hitesh and the team at NCrypted. I was initially apprehensive about working with a developer in a different time zone (I'm in the UK) but communication was easy, efficient and productive. I was able to stay in control of my project 6 days a week using Skype. The product that I bought is exactly as advertised, and although the customisation took a bit long than estimated, I really can't complain considering the price that I paid. I'm currently working on my second project with NCrypted Well done guys!

Nigel Gomez

A very reliable and trustworthy company

I started working with a startup project this month November 2017 with NCrypted and very lucky to have worked directly with Rushit as the project manager..he really has the expertise and very accommodating, aside from the fact the he's really a good guy..also, the whole team has worked really hard to get the project going and I'm looking for a long-term relationship with the company...kudos to everyone in NCrypted...Excellent and trustworthy people... Special thanks also to ms Priyanka and Amit...

Roadbuddy Corporation

Great company. I highly recommend them.

Initially I had some fear doing business outside of the US, but exhorbident development estimates far above my budget forced me to overcome my fear and seek elsewhere. Eventually I found Ncrypted and negotiated with a very friendly salesman named Karan Pujara. After working out the statement of work NCrypted gave our company a price that fit our budget. I am very pleased we chose them and will continue to use their services now that we have developed a fine working relationship. We couldn't have hoped for a better developer either. Farhin is very intuitive and able to take your ideas and make them work perfectly in a web enviroment. Even better, she is a blast to work with. She's also kind and genuinely interested in her clients as persons. She has even given my wife who has struggled with cancer for many years a nickname: Iron Lady and my wife love's it. Farhin is a great developer and an even better person. If Ncrypted keeps hiring people like her they'll be very very successful.

Tom Turowski

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How NCrypted delivers business value

How NCrypted delivers business value

Our primary focus would be on understanding your requirements and providing you with technology solutions while keeping your target audience and market in mind. We understand that a serious project is an on-going engagement that requires technical, functional, financial and emotional commitment. We want to believe in your idea as much as you do. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted can help bring your idea to life so that you can go to market with confidence.

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