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What Is Game Development?

Game development is a software development process to develop and publish games. It involves the following steps -

  • Ideation of the game
  • Finalization of gameplay, features, storyline, target audiences based on requirements
  • Schedule Planning, Resource Planning, Budgeting
  • Design and Development
  • Testing, Deployment, and documentation of the game

Game development services include development of art, animations, audio, and gameplay for the game. Game development services develop and deploy video games for mobiles, consoles, web, and computers. Gaming solutions include puzzles, race contests, first person shooter (FPS) games, simulation games, sports, strategy based games, and more.

Benefits of Video Games

Video games are useful in different contexts provided they are conceptualized and developed well -

Popular Form Of Entertainment

Video games can be played on multiple devices. With people spending more and more time on gadgets, they turn to games for recreation and entertainment. It is also a medium for socializing. In many games, players work as a team and compete against teams. Thus games test and build their teamwork abilities, communication and interpersonal skills. These characteristics are vital for healthy social development.

Profitable Form Of Entertainment

Gaming is also a very profitable form of entertainment. TV and movie producers tie-up with companies developing and selling games for adaptations and to get licensing rights to use game references and characters and features related to games. Esports is huge now which has resulted in video games becoming spectator sports. Gaming merchandise such as clothing, statues, accessories, etc. is in demand thus becoming a major revenue stream. Moreover, there are different genres of games that cater to a wide audience which results in a large number of customers thereby increasing sales.

Better Stress Relief

People turn to video games to recover from work-related fatigue, social anxiety, and emotional and physical stress. Video games have proven beneficial for coping with exhausting and stressful situations. Video games provide relaxation and rest which is important for emotional and mental well-being.

Enhance Learning and Education

In our modern world, the line between game and education is blurred. Many theories say that learning should be enjoyable and these theories have been widely accepted. Video games help learning be more fun and more effective. Games allow students to learn at their own pace as gameplay can be tailored based on individualized performance and preferences. Alternate reality games help students imagine themselves in different situations and be in the shoes of different kinds of characters. This makes them more interested in the study material. Interactive educational sessions support long-term retention of concepts and critical thinking.

Gamification In The Corporate World

Gamification is a process where games are integrated into existing processes in the company to increase employee participation, enhance employee productivity and build loyalty. Gamification incorporates game elements such as goals, rules of play, competition, achievements, badges, and points. People are able to express themselves in different ways in their daily work processes. Game development services are utilized by companies to build games that foster team spirit among employees and create healthy competition among them. Games help in improving employee engagement and performance.

Game Development In NCrypted

We provide mobile game software solutions that range from game design to VR and AR applications. Our game development services utilize native, web, and hybrid gaming platforms to develop games for tablets, phones, laptops, PCs and gaming consoles

Game Design and Development

Our offerings include well-engineered and high-quality games. We can work with client requirements or conceptualize games that will engage your end-users. The team at NCrypted will provide the following services -

  • Draft Functional and Technical Requirements
  • Design and script gameplay, characters, graphic elements and animation features
  • Develop games using popular gaming frameworks
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Release and post-release support

We follow the Agile methodology to design and develop the games. We enhance the game features based on feedback and refinement of the game's iterations.

HTML5 and Unity Game Development

We have a team experienced in HTML5 game development. The team is capable of successfully completing projects as they have the know-how to optimize the usage of HTML5 architecture, its rendering pipeline and features such as offline asset storage, audio APIs and 2D & 3D graphics. We can design and develop mobile games, PC games, and console games. We have experience in developing solo games, social games, MMO games, and fantasy league sports solutions thus catering to a wide audience.

We have professionally accredited Unity 3D game developers who can use the platform to develop great games. We have expertise in Unity 3D to -

  • Develop games across platforms including Android, iOS, and Facebook.
  • Develop VR and AR gaming solutions.
  • Develop games using critical features of Unity 3D such as graphing libraries, lighting effects, APIs, and environment assets.

AR and VR Game Development

Virtual reality and augmented reality devices are increasingly becoming common. Therefore the demand for VR and AR games is rising and will further increase. Virtual reality (VR) is the technology where you can be immersed in an entirely virtual world. Augmented reality (AR) is the technology that imposes virtual elements onto the real world.

We are proficient in developing VR and AR games. We have developers who are skilled at AR game design tools like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ARToolkit, and Wikitude.

Our virtual reality game development team comprises passionate and competent technology enthusiasts who can develop high-end games for platforms such as Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Odyssey. We have game development services that can provide functionality and features using 3D tracking, smart glasses support, and location in the games.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your gaming solution requirements. We are a custom game development company and will provide full-cycle development services right from the concept stage to the successful release and support stage.


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Product Engineering



Idea Generation
  • Requests
  • Customer Pain Points
  • Market Studies
  • Legislation
  • Competitors
Key Deliverables
  • Product Concept
  • Documentation


Business Analysis
  • Business Model Canvas
  • System Design
  • Stakeholders & Use Case
  • User Flow, Data Flow
  • Resource Planning
Key Deliverables
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Product Requirement Doc.
  • Flow Diagrams, Wireframes


User Interface & Experience
  • Design Prototype
  • Layout, Panels
  • Design Framework
Key Deliverables
  • Design Elements
  • GUI


Product Development
  • Technical Specs/SOWs
  • Architecture Design
  • Data Structures
  • Dev Methodology
  • DevOps
Key Deliverables
  • Timeline Checklist
  • Product Req. Document
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

  • Test Cases
  • Development to Staging
  • Automation/Manual
Key Deliverables
  • Product Testing Report


Go to Market
  • Go to Market Strategy/GTM
  • Staging to Production
  • Launch/Deployment
  • Scaling Up Activities
  • SEO/Digital Marketing
Key Deliverables
  • Technical Training
  • README Functional/Tech


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