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Trampom is a platform where there are service providers and customers. This project is based on the idea of providing services in a few easy steps. So basically, whatever your needs are, can be easily fulfilled by providing few answers. Service providers are the professionals who will receive your requests and in return, they share the quotations. Customers can generate the request using a dynamically managed form by answering some questions based on the category chosen.

In this platform the service providers and the customers can communicate with each other, this eases the communication issues. You can also review the service by the service providers so that other customers can generate trust. Being a service provider, you will get the notification via email for the request which suggests you to share the quote, and once the quote is being shared it will be notified to the customer via email. So you will never miss any important request.

Service providers have to purchase some credits in order to share the quote on any request, while the customer can join without paying anything.

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