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OYO Rooms



Project Type: Web
Oyo Rooms, India's largest hotel aggregator and accommodation booking website, was developed by NCrypted Technologies, a leading web and mobile application development company. Oyo Rooms is an online platform that enables users to find, compare and book the best hotels from over 8,000 properties in more than 200 cities across India. The website offers a wide range of hotels for booking, ranging from budget to luxury. The website is highly user-friendly and provides a hassle-free experience to its customers.


Oyo Rooms was founded in 2013, with the mission to revolutionize the hospitality industry in India. The founders wanted to make booking hotels easier, more accessible, and more affordable for the average traveler. With the help of NCrypted Technologies, they were able to develop a website that enabled customers to compare prices and book hotels easily and conveniently.

The Challenge

The main challenge faced by Oyo Rooms was to develop a user-friendly website that would enable customers to easily compare hotels and book rooms without any trouble. Additionally, the website had to be secure and have a scalable architecture that could handle a large number of users.

The Solution

NCrypted Technologies was chosen to develop the Oyo Rooms website. The team at NCrypted implemented a secure and robust architecture that could handle large numbers of users. They also developed a user-friendly interface to make it easier for customers to search and book hotels. The website was developed using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery, and it was tested rigorously to ensure that it was secure and reliable.
NCrypted Technologies developed the first version of Oyo Rooms using their proprietary web application, BistroStays. BistroStays is a platform designed for the hospitality industry that enables customers to easily search for and book hotels. The platform was designed to be secure and scalable, so it was the perfect choice for Oyo Rooms. The team at NCrypted was able to integrate BistroStays with Oyo Rooms, allowing customers to easily compare prices and book hotels without any trouble. The first version of Oyo Rooms was a success, and it paved the way for further development and expansion.
OYO Rooms

The Results

Since its launch in 2013, Oyo Rooms has become one of the leading hotel aggregators and accommodation booking websites in India. The website has seen a dramatic increase in users and bookings, and it is now one of the most popular websites in the country. The website has also received numerous positive reviews from customers due to its user-friendly interface and speedy booking process. The success of Oyo Rooms is a testament to the quality of work done by NCrypted Technologies. The team at NCrypted was able to develop a secure and reliable website that enabled customers to easily compare and book hotels. With the help of NCrypted Technologies, Oyo Rooms has become one of the most popular hotel aggregators and accommodation booking websites in India.

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