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Project Type: Web, Android App
Category Type:

Tutorish is an exceptionally customized blend of Online Tutoring and Consultancy Platform that proficiently caters the academic need of students. It is an online video consultancy solution that empowers the tutors as well as students to share the knowledge in the form of image, video conferencing and documents. Additionally, Tutorish is fully-functional Online Consultancy Platform that meets the diverse requirements of online tutoring.

The Situation

To design and develop highly scalable Online Tutoring and Consultancy platform that empowers to deliver extensive digital learning experience addressing the constant evolving requirements of students as well as tutors. Moreover, an Online Tutoring platform that is a broad gamut of ready to use features that empowers the users to cater to the wide range of use cases in the online learning landscape. The situation was to build an all-purpose Online learning, Tutoring and Consulting platform fully-fledged with stunningly simple to use features to create a Whole New Online Learning Experience.

The Challenge

Despite the presence of countless e-learning platform building an all-purpose Online Tutoring Solution was a challenge. We were asked to build a platform that is designed to efficiently manage the entire teaching and learning processes. Video conferencing was just not enough to lead the competition. With the increasing competition, it was essential to build Online Tutoring and Consultancy Platform the with the right set of capabilities.  However, with our client-centric and strategic approach we built Tutorish that will surely stand out from the competition with its robust features such as empowering users with varied categories as text book solutions, video conferencing for online tutoring, college advice, internships, scholarships, competitive exam preparation and more.

Key Expectations

  • To build an easy to navigate UI
  • To Provide a delightful UX
  • To deliver Next-level online tutoring
  • Bridging the gap of communication as well as efficiently connect people
  •  Varied modules for writing solutions, online video consultancy, college advice, test preparations
  • Highly-efficient booking module to book the exam test preparation, online video tutoring, online consultancy, to oversee the upcoming, completed, pending bookings
  • Secure yet easy online payment and processing
  • Industry-winning online tutoring and consultancy platform to deliver a whole New Online Learning Experience


Our Analysis of the Situation

We incorporated our extensive development process to comprehend the critical client requirements and broke down the circumstance by understanding the accompanying business problems:

•             What would we like to accomplish through this product?

•             Who is the intended group of audience?

•             Who will profit with this product?

Then, we analysed the process towards building the product and assessed its’s estimated cost.

Our Key Achievements of Online Tutoring and Consultancy Platform are: -

  • Built an all-purpose online tutoring platform with proficient features such as text book solutions, written solutions, exam test preparation, consultancy and online video tutoring
  • Profile making facilities are effective and faster in a very short time
  • It is easier to connect with the tutors as well as easy information capability
  • Proficient Search facilities to search for tutors
  • High-end booking module to monitor the completed, upcoming, pending bookings
  • Seamless online video tutoring
  • Highly-advanced Book and Search Feature
  • Successfully met the crucial 360-degree customized design requirements from clients
  • Fulfilment of strict time-line constraint during the development
  • Highly-intuitive message box for efficient conversation

Our Solution

Keeping the ideology and verses in mind, we successfully accomplished client’s vision with Tutorish.  Developed on a highly intuitive platform, Tutorish ensured a highly-effective yet efficient collaboration amongst the learners and tutors. With a strategic, client-centric approach and simplified UI/UX, Tutorish entirely redefined the way of online learning. We also eliminated the outdated, traditional yet expensive learning techniques while elevating every tutor’s and learner’s experience.

The functionalities of Tutorish delivered complete freedom to the users to schedule classes accordingly their availability. NCrypted’s Tutorish gave a proper direction to the client’s vision and even curbed the pain points of the end-users. Tutorish is now driving positive outcomes for the learners around the world and has become a prominent name in online learning industry making it strongly standing ahead among its competitors.


Tech stack

Ncrypted believes in providing the best. In addition, we tend to work with advanced technology to bring the modern functionalities into to play and deliver industrial winning products to our clients. Tutorish is built by using PHP for the front end and MySQL to create a dynamic and powerful platform. On top of this, for developing online tutoring and consultancy platform like Tutorish AJAX, JavaScript and JQuery were used to support the entire system.

Impact of this project in the given industry vertical/on target audience –


NCrypted’s, tailor made online tutoring and consultancy platform – Tutorish completely stunned the market and captured multiple end user to win over competition. The versatile solution empowers the users along with the accessibility for quality online education at to students as well as seekers around the world. Along with one single step in the right direction, NCrypted’s Tutorish has opened up the world of possibilities for modern generations and online tutoring businesses.

Other industry vertical where a similar type of project can be considered 

The ideation of online learning and consultation can be equally applied to varied areas. Within every industry, there are some niche segments where Tutorish can be considered. Here are few such segments:

  1. Meeting management
  2. Online Consultation
  3. Fitness Coaching
  4. Dance Coaching
  5. Medical Consultation
  6. Art Training

The Result 

Tutorish a feature packed online learning and consultation platform that caters the users with highly functional yet extensive features.

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