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Mashcor - Search Engine

Project Type: Web
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Thoriso Mashego

Ncrypted was my first outsourced project from India and I have been rewarded handsomely for my leap of faith. I had an idea that I wanted Africa to have it's own fully functional and independent search engine that crawled and indexed its own data rather than making use of other bigger search engines' API access.

Finding a reliable and honest company online to deliver on such a MASSIVE project was hard but when I did I was excited and anxious.

Mashcor needed a BIG custom coding job from the ground up, with a customized algorithm and complex hosting environment.

After nearly a year in development, Mashcor is now in Beta testing and it works as advertised. ContactingNcrypted early and work with them to crystalize your project from conception to execution is an absolute must. I am proud to be included in their list of enabled and thriving startups.

A special thank you to Dhaval and his team, who never quit because a project is hard. I highly recommend Ncrypted Technologies.

Thoriso Mashego - Mashcor

Mashcor is a powerful search engine that provides great search features and accurate results. Mashcor is a search engine that enables local businesses of South Africa search relevant information. This search engine was primarily designed for businesses in South Africa.

The Situation 

Mashcor is a search engine that enables local businesses of South Africa search relevant information. This search engine was primarily designed for businesses in South Africa. However, it was gradually opened up to global audience.

Objectives and Challenges 

  1. The objective of Mashcor was to develop a search engine that would provide search web solution to South Africa’s local businesses.
  2. The crawler will read the page and fetch meta keywords, title and description.
  3. SEO identifiers will be used for URL and indexing. NoSQL database management system will be implemented. All data is stored in objects.

Our Analysis of Situation 

  1. Python is the most flexible fourth generation language whose updates make it unique. It can adapt to latest trends. Advanced technical problems can be addressed using this language.
  2. Desktop and web applications can be developed using Python, making it the ideal technology for Mashcor.
  3. Elastic search database system can handle the load and concurrent operations with the large amount of data.


Our Solution and Approach 

The solution for Mashcor search engine was to develop a technology that would provide the most efficient search algorithm. An extensive amount of research and development had to be done in order to implement this solution. The crawlers for the search engine run frequently in the background.

Tech Stack 

  1. ScrapyD Library of Python was utilized to provide this solution.
  2. Elastic database has been used to handle large amount of data in the database.
  3. Crawler provides a fast and efficient search engine that gives accurate results.


Impact of this project in the given category/industry vertical/on target customers/audience –

Mashcor has been widely accepted with thousands of users accessing this search engine on a daily basis.

Other similar categories/industries where a similar type of project can be considered 

Search engines can be implemented for scraping gaming sites or any other such category of websites. Scraping and crawling functions can be implemented using Maschcor.

  1. In Mashcor business model, membership plan helps generate revenues.
  2. Featured urls are included to generate revenues.

The Result

A search engine that was widely accepted and helped local businesses to upgrade making information more accessible.

For more information, please take a look at the links below:

  1. The Best Search Engine Script
  2. Google Clone

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