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Love Corp - Inbound Tool

Project Type: Web
Category Type:
Jyri Vilamo

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Jyri Vilamo - VVDN Technologies

Love Corp VVDN found an efficient inbound tool to manage their sales leads and provide an integrated database solution.

The Situation - Love Corp was looking for an inbound tool that will help manage leads and provide a professional inbound application.


Objectives and Challenges - 


The primary challenge was creating a website that will be the right solution to the problem of sales. Love Corp was looking for an optimal solution that will integrate all apps and data in one platform.


Our Analysis of Situation -


The sales problem was addressed by understanding the following business problems:

  1. What are we trying to achieve through this product?
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. Who will benefit from this experience?

Next, we had to understand the cost estimating process of assembling products.


Our Solution and Approach - 


  1. VVDN required cost estimation process for assembling products.
  2. The services offered were software development services and hardware manufacturing with product development planning and management. Hence, generating leads and integrating salesforce solution was an end result of careful planning, designing and implementation.



Tech Stack - 


The web application was developed in core PHP for the front end and MySQL for database. AJAX, JavaScript and JQuery will be used as per requirements and needs.



Impact of this project in the given category/industry vertical/on target customers/audience -


The inbound tool helps integrate sales solution using salesforce integration and by providing optimal solution to common business challenges and problems.


Other similar categories/industries where a similar type of project can be considered –


This product can be utilized in all industries and verticals. The sales features are ubiquitous in nature.


1. The business model was based on providing a platform for generating leads and maintaining centralized database for all sales contacts.


2. There was no revenue model in this project.


The Result –


i) Website application as an inbound tool


ii) Salesforce application integration to improve sales team productivity





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