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Limingtree - Dating Platform

Project Type: Web, Android App, iPhone App
Category Type:
Ryan Khan

Working with NCrypted has been a great experience. From the beginning with sales to the transition with working with project manager Rushit Kapadia. Communication with Rushit is great and professional. My project involves bring Caribbean culture to a new App platform. So not only did you have to learn a little about another culture but implement that into a software platform was not an easy task but they handled it well and understood my vision.

Ryan Khan

The client was looking for a dating platform specifically for Caribbean community. Through this platform, he wished to spread the Caribbean culture throughout the world. 

The Situ?ation 

The client was looking for a dating platform specifically for Caribbean community. Through this platform, he wished to spread the Caribbean culture throughout the world. He wished to provide socializing and dating facilities to his users with glimpses of Caribbean culture.

Objectives and Challenges 

  1. Provide a dating platform that will be accessible throughout USA.
  2. Limingtree wanted to provide something different, apart from likes and rejects that normal dating platforms have.
  3. It had to be designed in a way that it would reflect Caribbean culture.

Our Analysis of Situation 

  1. Lime is a term used for socializing by the Caribbeans. This was the central theme. Lemons are used for dislike, limes are used for likes.
  2. The theme reflected vibrant colors of Caribbean culture
  3. Click star for favorites and preview a profile.
  4. Communication begins when two users lime each other. They can leave a review for each other.


Our solution and approach 

  1. Developed mobile app for iOS and Android.
  2. Advanced algorithm to sort list of users online with similar interests and tastes. The more similar ones will appear higher in the search.
  3. Real time chat and streaming video facility was integrated to the application.
  4. The facility of recording small videos and sending to the person you are communicating with was included.

Tech Stack 

  1. Native applications like android and iOS were also implemented.
  2. Socket programming for chat based application was applied.
  3. Node.js for scalable architecture and robust development was integrated.
  4. PHP and MySQL was used for main coding framework.

Impact of this project in the given category/industry vertical/on target customers/audience 

  1. Good number of users joined this platform
  2. People liked the concept
  3. This platform went above normal dating ideas and the idea was successful.

Other similar categories/industries where a similar type of project can be considered 

  1. Dating platforms for different cultures can be developed.
  2. Catch user phrases can be used in the platform/project.

Membership plans for viewing profile or to get data was the major business model behind this concept.

The Result 

A highly popular dating platform exhibiting Carribean culture and its vibrancy.

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