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Hukup - Dating Platform

Project Type: Web, Android App, iPhone App
Category Type:
Sam Gill

This was my third website project and first with NCrypted. I have no hesitation in saying that it was the best experience in comparison to previous projects with other companies. My next project is definitely going to be NCrypted.

A very special thank you to Devang and his team, who never give up until excellence. Hukup was a complicated and high demand project. Devang handled it very well. I highly recommend NCrypted Technologies.


Sam Gill - Hukup

Hukup is an advanced dating portal for all genders with all orientations including couples. Hukup is a feature-packed dating and matchmaking engine.

The Situation 

The organization was looking at launching their business idea with the help of this website. They had recently started operations and were looking to expand their reach to a wider audience. Being a start-up, they had a limited budget. Technology was a challenge and they were looking for a trusted technology partner. The revenue model was based on features.

Objectives and challenges 

  1. Provide a dating platform that will be accessible throughout Australia
  2. Above 18 years was the target age group
  3. The platform is for all genders with all orientations
  4. Bridge the communication gap and connect people who were looking for partners

Our Analysis of Situation 

  1. Understanding the preferences of audience and catering to their specific needs like casual dating, hookup, etc.
  2. Filters should narrow down search for partners based on specific characteristics
  3. This is a feature based revenue model. Some of the features supported are: Private and public profile, direct messaging, finding potential matches, etc.

Our solution and approach 

Hukup required a systematic approach to problem solving because of the various challenges Ncrypted team encountered while working on the project.

Tech Stack 

Website was based on core PHP and MySQL. Native applications like android and iOS were also implemented.


Impact of project in the given category/industry vertical/on target customers/ audience 

The platform helped connect people looking for partners.

Other similar categories/industries where a similar type of project can be considered 

  1. Dating platforms with various concepts
  2. Social media platform

The Result 

A dating platform that caters to the socializing and partner-searching need of various customer segments.

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