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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the important factors in internet marketing because if you have huge traffic on your website and conversion ratio is very less, than it is not an effective marketing campaign to follow. Conversion Rate Optimization is a method of creating landing pages for website with the focus of converting incoming visitors of website to customer.

Haystack process is been used to monitor real-time traffic using sample data and whatever changes is to be done, is done immediately on ongoing process of marketing. Day by competition is becoming tough and to convert visitor into customer needs much effort and you must generate leads reducing bounce rate on landing pages.

The main focus of is on to generate leads for website without spending huge amount of money over marketing with reduced bounce rate. There are 2 ways preferred for Conversion Rate Optimization,

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Analysis and Message to Targeted Audience

Possibly 1st method is preferred as it gives immediate result diverting visitors to appropriate page and NCrypted Technologies is providing CRO for website using following process,

  • We explore sites current performance verifying various criteria like daily traffic, sales and many more items at initial stage of analysis.
  • We than identify CRO variables using protocols like A/B Split Testing & Multivariate Testing using various elements like heading, image design and placement, size of various elements and many more.
  • After testing elements, using test variable we create necessary pages to experiment split test using original URL which is used to check whether conversion has taken place or not.
  • Gathering all the information loads it into program serving either original page or test page and records number of conversion. This step can be replaced specifying Goals in Analytics and select the more convenient one.
  • Completing all the steps we generate data of various variable used and make changes accordingly on site.

NCrypted offers effective and efficient process using single test of Conversion Rate Optimization. Drop us and inquiry, our business development executive will follow up within 24 hours.

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How NCrypted delivers business value

How NCrypted delivers business value

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